* Countless groups and individuals have been calling on people in Iran to come out on to the streets on Friday 17 July via New Channel TV with slogans including ‘Down with Dictator,’ ‘Down with Khamenei,’ ‘Down with the Islamic regime of Iran,’ and ‘Free all political prisoners.’ People are being asked to come out in full force to demand freedom and an end to the Islamic regime.

* Mothers of the dead have issued their fourth statement asking people to come out to parks around the country to commemorate those killed on Saturday 18 July. Whilst giving their condolences to Parvin Fahimi, Sohrab Arabi’s mother, they are asking people to come out between 7-8pm on the Saturday also to protect the mothers. The statement says that the regime’s security threatens, harasses and throws them out, arresting those who refuse to leave and that people’s solidarity and support is needed.

* As a result of the security forces’ inability to control the protesters, the regime’s head of security – Ismail Ahmadi-Moghadam has said in an interview that new weapons are needed in combating the protesters as the traditional ones are not effective.

* According to Amnesty International, hundreds of detainees are at risk of torture and ill-treatment.

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