Here’s another must-see sign.

It says: ‘The veil is protection’.

The word in Persian which I have translated into ‘protection’ and which has been helpfully translated on the sign itself as ‘security’ is actually used to describe immunisations.

Basically, we women are diseases that need to be immunised with a nice big black veil that  covers us up and keeps us out of sight and mind.

30 years of Islamic rule in Iran and they still need signs like this to try and keep women in their places.

Dream on…






  1. If the veil is like vaccine,then the men are actually the desease and the women are the protected one,which is very degrading for the men.

  2. No, no. You’ve misunderstood. The clue is in the wrapping. This is an advertisement for a new foil hejab that will prevent zionist and western mind control beams from corrupting our women.

    Actually, it’s exactly the same message as delivered by the ex-Grand Mufti of Australia, Taj El-Din Al Hilaly. If you leave uncovered meat out, you can’t blame cats for eating it. Hard to argue with that.

    1. No… it’s incredibly easy to argue with that.

      What is that saying? That like flies, cats and other animals men can’t help themselves if they see a girl with no coverings? That by seeing this they’re unaccountable if they react to it?

      This is just supporting a society that blames everything on women and the men get off free.

    2. Hilaly’s analogy always confused me. If I’m the meat, and men are the cats, who is the cook who left the meat out? (And what difference does it make to the meat if it’s eaten by cats or people?)

      1. Sorry LeetheGirl, I was being sarcastic. Yes, Hilaly’s comment is incredibly easy to argue with. The Jesus and Mo tee-shirt on this issue pretty much sums it up. A picture of burqa-clad women with the caption “Thank you for not arousing my uncontrollable lust”.

  3. Maybe this stupidity can be exploited, point the anti-vaxxers at the problem & see if they can actually do something beneficial for once

  4. I would read the sign slightly differently. It does not say women are a disease but that men are.

    The vaccine protects the women from the man as MMR protects a child against measles.

    It is strange that even without ‘western’ women being ‘vaccinated’ by the hijab ‘western’ men manage to generally avoid committing rape.

    1. I kind of agree… for me this is like one of those flip images where if you look at it regularly you see one picture and if you look at it another way you see something else.

      To me this is equally insulting to everyone. For women who actually believe this shit it’s saying men are pests like flies and you need to cover yourself to keep them away. And at the same time for men it’s saying you literally need to keep women wrapped up otherwise they’ll be tainted.

  5. I wish cultures would figure out that men are either powerful, smart, inherently wise, in control of themselves, and deserving to to be treated as adults or; men are are morally empty and so weak, brainless and foolish that the sight of bare female flesh can reduce them to drooling, leg humping fools, who have no control over their actions. They can’t be both.

    Either men are adults, capable and expected to control themselves; or they are children, incapable and required to have no control or responsibility for their actions.

    Men are either strong and capable of living and working around females, or they are moral weaklings with the self-control of a child.

    If men are adults then their is no need to accommodate their sensitivities to female flesh by covering women. If they are not adults they, men, should not occupy any position of power or control because only adults can be trusted to wield power or control wisely.

  6. It is almost cunning how both genders are insulted in a different but revolting way.

    There is no doubt the women get the worst of it but the desert religions are rooted in anti-humanism aimed at both genders. They degrade all human behaviour, they attack us in our innermost being.

    Women are reduced to a treat, a sweet seduction for the male pests that cannot control their urges.

    That is how they get you. They reduce you into a sinful, repulsive beast that is so in need of holy books, holy men, holy buildings to stave of that inner beast. They make us think our inner humanity is our weakness where it should be your strength.

    Societies are stronger when both genders work and operate together. That requires healthy outlets of sexuality. In fact it are those outlets that bind a group together.

  7. To say women are a disease is disgusting. How sick can people get to think that another human being is a disease? (rhetorical question) I’m sorry, but gender just does not rub off and/or make other people sick.

  8. The same exact same thinking exists in the American Christian fundamentalist “purity” culture. They don’t go as far as Islam with covering up women, but they also program girls to dress “modestly” and that everything they do will entice boys. And the boys are programmed to see women only as sexual objects trying to seduce them.

  9. Cuttlefish: Yes, and that is one of my principal objections to religion in general and Islam in particular. It completely denudes men of any humanity and any responsibility. It’s the most vilely misandrist propositions I’ve ever heard of; that men, whatever their age, cannot resist the base urges their Creator has so generously endowed them…they cannot be civil, or show any restraint. They see women only as outlets of physical pleasure. They are nothing more than rabid animals, and as such, their prey must be protected at all costs.

    And somehow that ‘protection’ still leaves men in charge, while foisting all responsibility onto women. Which is why being raped is a crime almost without fail wherever Islam has currency. A society which insists on hiding half of the population from the other half’s view is *not* a healthy one. It shows the unveiled half hardly any more respect than the veiled one. And that self-loathing amongst men is one of the phenomena we can hope to relegate to the ash-can if we succeed in promoting reason over the folly of faith.

    1. Orthodox Judaism is the same. Women must stay covered, lest they commit the ‘sin’ of distracting a man. female immodesty is blamed for everything from droughts to serious crimes.

      some women, in Israel and America, wear Burka now, just like Muslim women.

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