The lying Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (also known as a Sharia court) has been sending out letters to lawyers inviting them to legislate misogyny. As I’ve explained countless times, sharia law – or any religious law for that matter – is discriminatory and unfair (at best), and medieval and barbaric (when it’s at its best). Yes, Sharia’s family code is not stonings and amputations (that’s its criminal code) but the denial of women’s and children’s rights in the family are pillars of suppression in countries under Islamic rule.

There will of course be loads of lawyers willing to take them up on their offer – money talks after all – lawyers like Aina Khan who have made it their business to defend Sharia and not people. Here’s their letter:

Dear Sirs, I am writing to you on behalf of the Governing Council of the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (‘MAT’). MAT is inviting you to consider an exciting and innovative opportunity to offer Islamic Family Law Services and Mediation to Muslim clients within your locality. This unique offering will in itself generate fee earning for your practice and the opportunity to offer these clients additional legal services already being offered at your practice.

MAT is offering you the opportunity to become its Authorised Representative in offering Islamic Law Services and Mediation to Muslim clients within your locality. This collaboration shall be established under a transparent legal framework in which some members of your practice shall be authorised by MAT to offer services, which include, inter alia, Islamic Law Divorce (not available through English Courts) and matrimonial mediation. MAT shall provide full training, supervision and continued assistance in order for your practice to offer these services successfully.

MAT has devised a clear remuneration structure which shall equitably divide the fees charged to prospective clients for the agreed service. Your practice shall fully benefit from any ancillary work that is derived from these clients. MAT will assist your practice in positioning yourself within the Muslim market to offer these unique services.

MAT is seeking to launch this dynamic initiative in partnering with reputable legal institutions nationwide in helping to resolve some of the issues facing the Muslim Community. Your practice has been carefully selected as an obvious candidate that can professionally deliver the envisaged service. If you are interested in pursuing a discussion or obtaining further information pertaining to this exciting opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fiaz Hussain
Executive Assistant to the Governing Council of MAT, t: +44 (0)7850090724, e:



  1. Is it just my imagination or does that letter read a bit like one of the nigerian email scams? Wonder if the follow up will include some explanation that the exiled son of the prince general brigadier king has to get his 50 million wives out of the country and needs some temporary storage…

    1. Maybe thats what the acronym is for, “MAT; For keeping your women as doormats”. Sort of like a door to door carpet cleaning service but with more evil

      And probably cheaper

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