The Council of Guardians’ spokesperson, Abbasali Kadkhodaie, stated earlier today in response to the complaints made by some candidates that there may have been minor irregularities. These will be checked but he stressed that the election won’t be annulled as the irregularities are less than previous elections. The Council of Guardians has asked the candidates to accept the results.

In other news, according to Mousavi’s election headquarters, he will not take part in today’s demonstration and asks people not to clash with government forces. Mousavi has said that he is negotiating for permission to organise his own protest.

‘Elections’ are not the real issue at hand. Everyone knows that in Iran elections are neither fair nor free. There is no political freedoms and right to organise. Candidates are selected by the Supreme Leader and Guardian Council and are chosen from amongst pillars of the regime. Mousavi now branded a ‘reformist’ was prime minister and head of government for several years during the 80s when thousands were executed and hundreds of thousands arrested.

‘What the statements of the Council of Guardians and Mousavi show is that both sides refuse to back down on the ‘election’ results and this indicates the widening division within the Islamic government’s factions. Their conflict will intensify for now. The people of Iran have shown that they have their own slogans and cause; they want the Islamic regime to go. The intensification of the regime’s infighting has and will further provide the demonstrations and protesters further space to protest and will allow the protests to strengthen and radicalise,’ says Hamid Taqvaee, WPI’s leader.

Slogans at demonstrations clearly show an opposition to the Islamic regime that goes beyond the regime’s infighting and the ‘election’ results this though this is not reflected in the mainstream media’s coverage of the protests. Slogans include: ‘down with dictator;’ ‘Seyed Ali Pinochet, Iran won’t become Chile;’ ‘We don’t want an Islamic republic;’ ‘Coup d’etat government, resign, resign,’ ‘tanks and guns have no more use’…

Via its live 24 hour New Channel TV station, the WPI is calling on people to continue their presence in the streets, with the own slogans of ‘no to the Islamic republic,’ ‘free political prisoners,’ ‘end compulsory veiling,’ ‘end executions’ and ‘arrest and prosecute those responsible for attacking and killing protestors.’ The numbers of protestors killed by the regime’s security forces in the past few days are unknown, however, 5 people were killed day before yesterday and 8 killed yesterday. 8 dead and 28 wounded were brought to Rasoul Akram hospital from yesterday’s protests alone resulting in a protest today by hospital doctors and nurses.

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