June 16, 2009
News Update

Below is some of the news received by the WPI Press Centre and New Channel TV:

This morning nurses and doctors from Rasoul Akram Hospital in west Tehran marched in protest against the treatment of the 28 wounded and 8 dead who had been brought to their hospital. Security forces denied the wounded any contact with their families. Medical personnel used the mobile phones of the wounded and dead to inform their relatives. Later this morning they walked out in protest.

University lecturers in three universities in Shiraz and Sharif Technical University in Tehran have resigned in protest to the regime’s security forces’ violent attacks on students yesterday.

Mashad Ferdousi University in Mashad was attacked by security forces.

There were clashes between protestors and the regime’s security forces in Bahonar Street and Vakilabad in Tehran.

In the city of Babol there are currently clashes between demonstrators and the regime’s security forces and Babol University has been surrounded by the security forces;

In Isfahan, there were demonstrations and clashes in Shamsabadi, Touhid, Sheikh Bahaie, Nik-bakht, Darvazeh Shiraz and Ghasr streets. Furthermore, the clashes continued into the university and the meeting hall was burnt down.

In Shiraz there were clashes in Mola Sadra Street between protestors and security forces; the protestors chased the security forces away and the locality is under people’s control.

The chancellor of Shiraz University resigned in protest following the brutal attack on the university by the security forces.

Last night, demonstrations continued in Tehran, Karaj and many other cities until 2–3.00 am

Tajrish police station was taken over by the protestors for over an hour last night.

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