See a video of Iranian women supporting the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calender here.

The Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar will be published here on 8 March 2012 to mark International Women’s Day.

. تقويم انقلابيون برهنه ٬ يک ابتکار اعتراضي بين المللي هشت مارس روز جهاني زن آمده خواهد شد

In the meanwhile join the ‘Scream’ on Facebook and on Twitter: under the hashtag #NudePhotoRevolutionary.



  1. I appreciate your attempt. But my concern is, do you think that the Nude Calendar would make any meaningful change in the Women’s discrimination in Iran. I am worried if this would create a reactionary attitude by those women who are religious and at the same time who wants to erase those discrimination against women in Iran.

  2. Maybe this will put Rush Limbaugh through the roof. Good timing!

    Let women be free of ridiculous controls.

  3. In place of those who want to but can’t…
    I believe in the equality of women and men…
    My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death…
    My thoughts, my body my choice…
    My nudity is a ‘no’ to political Islam…
    Why not?
    I am a woman…

    And I bloody love it!

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