At De Balie’s Freethinkers Festival in Amsterdam end October 2021, Maryam Namazie spoke on “Women in oppression: On the deep friendship between religion and patriarchy.”
During the discussion, she said “Religion has to come with health warning. It kills, it destroys, it humiliates, and particularly women it does that too.” She also explained the trending hashtag on Persian Twitter #IShitOnIslam #ریدم_تو_اسلام
همانطور که همیشه گفته ام، مذهب باید همه جا با پیام هشدار سلامت به این مضمون که مذهب میکشد، نابود میکند، و تحقیر میکند، مخصوصا زنان را، همراه باشد.
You can see the full discussion here with Deborah Feldman, Katarzyna Morton, Nazmiye Oral.

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