The UCLU Atheist, Secularist & Humanist Society (ASH) President has just published a statement on their Facebook page on the Jesus and Mo image censorship attempt by the UCL Union saying: ‘We can now tell you that the University College London Union has recognized that mistakes were made and that the initial correspondence with our society was flawed. The Union is to review its stance on such matters and has said that this will not happen again. They can no longer call on us to withdraw the image. We welcome these developments, which set an important precedent for other universities.’

Good news indeed.

However, ‘the Union has considered the possibility that posting the image might have constituted an act of bullying, prejudice, harassment or discrimination.’

Really? How so?

Clearly, the Union fails to make a distinction between human beings and beliefs. As a result, concepts such as bullying, prejudice, harassment or discrimination, which are meant to be raised vis-à-vis human beings, are being applied to religion. No individual was bullied, harassed, or discriminated against by the publishing of an image of Jesus and Mo. The distinction between humans and their beliefs is of crucial significance here. The blurring of this distinction is the result of years of efforts by Islamists in order to silence criticism of Islam and Islamism. And the Union seems to have bought into it.

The President’s statement goes on to say that the UCLU ASH ‘firmly believe in the protection of our fellow students through University and Union policy; however we cannot accept such a suggestion. They have also considered the force of our actions and unwillingness to concede. As such, the society may be risking a disciplinary hearing which could lead to the forced resignation of committee members, or disaffiliation from the Union. In light of our now constructive relationship with the Union, such an event seems unlikely, though we would ask for your support should it ever occur.’

And so the fight continues…

As an aside, I do wish I was a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (well, not really) just so that I could receive some sort of response from the UCL ASH on their report on the Sharia debate in December.



  1. Roger #1:

    Because Mo is depicted as left-handed- sinister- perhaps?

    A direct quote from a recent defector from Islam, Shakila (assumed name for safety) from her website:

    “Levophobia – Fear of things to the left side of the body AND Sinistrophobia – Fear of things to the left or left-handed.…. Now this is a very interesting one. I always used to wonder why Islam is so particular about it. Walk into a mosque with your right foot, eat with your right hand, and pass the plate to the right side first… Do everything with your right hand except wiping your butt after defecating….”

    Shakila provides a laundry list of Muchhimmad’s other neuroses.

    If even half of them actually apply, he was seriously dysfunctional, not an uncommon state for the religiously beknighted.

  2. PersonPower88 is not worth a thought, not even a mocking one.
    What matters now is that the UCL fiasco is not over yet. Indeed, it might become worse, unless the SU come to their senses. I would urge anyone reading this blog to do all they can to safeguard freedom of speech, be it by signing further petitions as might arise, making a contribution, sending mails to the UCLSU or, at the very list, making your outrage known whenever and wherever possible.

  3. Poosianpower88 (hurhurhur)is some sort of nazi/aryan/persian supremacist, apparently. the 88 might be a symbol of Heil Hitler, and he makes alot of references to antisemitism and aryan pride… coming from a guy with dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and the build of your average berserker, he sounds like the sort of fellow with no chin, narrow shoulders, scrawny limbs, and a neckbeard. ignore the silly twit, or, even better, mock him mercilessly.

  4. It’s accurate because Jesus and Muhammad (both were Semitic dogs) are portrayed as the filthy sandniggers they were. Zoroaster was blond haired pure Indo-Iranian.

  5. Look at this forum thread for a thoroughly daft reaction to the controversy:

    Some of the more noteworthy postings:

    “gays can attack muslims, islam, the prophet
    but if you say anything against those fudgepackers, you may be accused of inciting hatred and the likes”

    “My own experience has identified that getting a solicitor to send a letter containing a cease and desist notice to the offending party is remarkably effective. The notice could include a strongly worded statement to remove certain material from the internet and destroy printed matter or else legal action will be taken against the offending party for inciting religious hatred.”

    And my personal favourite:

    “May they get a condition where they constantly poo their pants”

    And these people are surprised we’re making fun of them!

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