I got an email from someone asking why they couldn’t reach me on Facebook. I tried signing in and got the following message:


Have you noticed how I always get banned right after debating an Islamist or criticising Facebook for its censorship of ex-Muslim/atheist pages? What a coincidence that this ban happened right after my debate with Mohammad Shafiq of Ramadan Foundation on Sharia courts in Britain on RT yesterday. “Coincidence” indeed!

Here’s what’s even more ridiculous. The banned photo was from International Women’s Day LAST YEAR. At the time, in response to the usual complaints, Facebook investigated and deemed that no rules were violated (there is paint covering the nipples after all). However, one whole year on and a few more complaints from their friends and I guess their “community standards” on nudity miraculously apply.

I get the feeling I am off Facebook more than on it.

And whilst I and other atheist, ex-Muslim pages are banned at the drop of a hat, try calling for decapitations and stonings, and well, that seems to be one’s right to religion.

Here’s the video from last year in case you haven’t seen it:

Seen you in three days, Facebook friends, until the next time I am banned.



  1. It is not time we use own skills to do the same to them and their pages. I think the reason that they pages do not get censored is because we do not report them, we allow them to have the freedom of speech that they want to deny us.

    A campaign of reporting will at the least call into question the automatic blocking that is currently the process at facebook.

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