The International Committee against Execution in Iran calls on gay rights organisations to initiate a widespread, international campaign to defend the rights of LGBT in countries under Islamic rule, including Iran.

Based on recent news reports, two individuals in Sirjan and Bandar Abbas have been sentenced to 25 years in prison charged with homosexuality. 27 year-old Mojtaba Mohilpour was sentenced in the criminal court of Sirjan presided by Judge Tohidi. Hassan Hayati was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in branch 1 of the criminal court of Hormozgan Province, presided by Judge Ab-roshan. Hassan Hayati was first arrested and imprisoned at age 16. He was again arrested later for homosexuality and has now been in prison for seven years.

These are only examples of the brutal and inhuman treatment of LGBT. Hossein Shool and Alireza Firooz-Abadi have been sentenced to death for homosexuality.

The lives of LGBT are in danger in countries where Islamists such as ISIS have a presence and power. In 2015, ISIS brutally murdered several homosexuals and threw a number of them off of cliffs in Iraq and Syria.

At a time when there are gay pride events across Europe and North America, and gay marriages recognised, the situation of LGBT in countries under Islamic rule cannot be ignored.

The International Committee Against Execution is initiating an international campaign in defence of LGBT, and invites all to assist us in saving the lives of those facing execution, imprisonment and persecution for their sexuality.

The Secretariat of the International Committee Against Execution
July 11, 2015

کمیته بین المللی علیه اعدام
International Committee against Execution (ICAE)


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