Watch livestreaming from Taksim Square in Turkey:

Watch live streaming video from revoltistanbul at

Erdogan has lost his patience with the protesters. They and we have lost our patience with Erdogan and Islamism. Can you please fuck off to the Middle Ages and leave the revolutionary people of Turkey to live 21st century lives?



  1. UIslam /Islamism has revealed its true nature and the vast majority of people who are forced to live in poverty while being governed under repressive regimes realise that the time has come to overthrow their tyrant masters. It may take time but time is on the side of those calling for change.
    Just as Islamists say that it may take them 5 or 6 generations to destroy the “great Satan” of western society, these believers in medieval myths must be aware that their destruction is at hand. It must be very frightening for these Islamists as even they now realise that the harsher the repression, the greater the backlash when it comes.
    For my part, I just hope that there are enough lamposts in Istanbul and Tehran to hang them all from! This may be considered to be an extreme view but without retribution there is no justice.
    A world of Atheists (of which I am one ) has to be a better option for both east and west.

  2. The guy playing piano…the elderly woman with the catapult…the strength of Istanbul is beautiful right now..

  3. But Maryam, what is the point of being an alpha male if you can’t make the rest of the population bow to your every fleeting whim?

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