Currently there is a vast revolution taking place in Iran. Today there are demonstrations across Iran and in many countries around the world. The aim of this movement is to overthrow 31 years of the Islamic regime which represents 31 years of executions, stoning, sexual apartheid, inequality for women, barbaric and backward religious laws, lack of fundamental rights for working people, lack of freedom of expression, lack of the right to protest, strike and organise, imposition of utmost poverty on 70 million people in Iran and spread of terror in the Middle East and the world. This is a regime that has created one of the most brutal and corrupt systems in the world.

The people of Iran, who have fought for 31 years against this regime, by bringing an end to the Islamic nightmare, want to establish a human society, a society that is secular, where the death penalty and all brutal Islamic punishments have been abolished and religious government ended; where all the misogynist laws have been revoked; where unconditional freedom of expression, organisation and strike has been established.

The Islamic regime’s end is here, and the people of Iran aim to smash the entire machinery of suppression of this regime. The end of the Islamic regime will also deal a death blow to the political Islamic movement in the Middle East, as well as to its offshoots in the rest of the world. It will put an end to the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions and adventures.

The revolution of the people of Iran deserves your enthusiastic support. We call on you to turn every opportunity and every day into a day of solidarity with the revolution in Iran for freedom and for getting rid of one of the most murderous regimes of contemporary history.

Join us to say that the Islamic regime of Iran must go!

Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI)
11 February 2010

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