Another crime by the fascist Islamic regime in Iran:

The news has just reached us. Makwan was executed last night (local time) in Dizel Abad Prison in the city of Kermanshah. Makwan’s family have just collected his body and are on their way to the city of Paveh. Around 200 cars are following in procession the car carrying the body of a youngster murdered in cold blood by a bunch of criminal thugs.

This crime must be recorded in history. Not only that the criminals in power in Iran must be indicted through international courts. Makwan had not committed any crime. He was executed for a sexual relation with a class mate when they were both 13. He was executed for homosexuality.

The International Committee Against Executions, along with several human rights organisations, including Amnesty International, launched a campaign to save Makwan. As a result of these actions, the head of the judiciary, Shahroudi, was forced to call for a review of the case, saying that the death sentence was incorrect.

According to our information, the local authorities in Paveh and Kermanshah were insistent that the death sentence should be carried out. One of the officials is reported to have said the city ‘Paveh’s youth have become too cheeky; we should execute one so that it may be a lesson to others’.

The Islamic regime executed young Makwan because it wanted to create a climate of fear. The prison authorities even said to the family of Makwan that they had been good enough not to execute him publicly.

Since the announcement of the news of Makwan’s execution at the hands of Islamic hangmen, a wave of sympathy and solidarity has swept the city.

The International Committee Against Executions strongly condemns this savage and despicable crime by the Islamic Republic, and calls on the people of Paveh and Kermanshah to extend their sympathies and support to Makwan’s family.

Our Committee will pursue this crime through international bodies so that the murderers may be prosecuted.

International Committee Against Executions
5 December 2007


  1. Well I tend to agree with Human Rights Watch on cases like this – this boy was not executed for being gay or for homosexual acts. He was executed for raping a 13-year old boy. Now you may point ouyt that male rape even by adult males is very rare, and that male rape by teenagers is almost unheard of anywhere in the world. So you may wonder how it is that Iran is almost unique in the world in producing a succession of such very young sex offenders.But then they have powerful and influential organisations to back their case – look at the Wikipedia entry for Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, the two previous gay Iranian teenagers executed (in their case publicly from the back of a truck), and you’ll see what a strong case Human Rights Watch and Amnesty have made in support of the Iranian government, and effectively accepting their version of events. Human Rights Watch insists that Asgari and Marhoni were guilty sex offenders. And presumably they will be agreeing with the Iranian government on the case of young Makwan Maloudzadeh – he may only have been 13 but he was surely guilty of rape, just like Mahmoud and Ayaz. And how do they know? Well, apparently, because the Iranian government says so.

  2. No! He was NOT executed for homosexuality – that is the coward’s way to say it!He was executed for daring to love.So,we are warned, love is to be avoided at all costs.

  3. Really excellent post. I was hoping you would write on this subject.This was written by Allen Woods on : However, it would appear that the prospects of an air strike against Iran have receded – at least for the present. This does not suit Ahmadinejad at all. His support is rapidly eroding inside Iran, and his only hope was to keep beating the drum about the danger of US aggression in order to divert the masses’ attention away from their most pressing problems and thus save his regime. He has made a public statement to the effect that the new revelations expose Bush as a liar (which they do) and completely justify the policies of his regime (which they do not).This will make it easier for the development of a widespread movement of opposition by the Iranian workers and students, which has already begun and is destined to transform the whole political life of the region in the coming period. The Iranian Revolution will cut across the stagnant and unbreathable atmosphere of reaction that hangs over the region. It will cast off the yoke of religious fundamentalism and resolutely take the road of socialism and workers’ power.

  4. we love Makwan. Nosotros amamos a Makwan. The Latin-American Anglican Church Mensaje de protesta ante la setencia de muerte contra la vida del joven Makwan por ser homosexual. Las autoridades de la República de Iran, serán sus asesinos. Nuestra Iglesia rechaza el acto de matar. Matar a un ser humano y a un ser vivo es pecado ante Dios y se alejan cada día mas de la creación del Todopoderoso. London, Ontario, Canada Diciembre 4, 2007 Señores: Gobierno República Islámica de Iran – Autoridades civiles, militares y eclesiásticas Iraníes La Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana, Sínodo de las Americas y el Caribe, rechaza en forma contundente, la setencia de muerte de la vida del joven homosexual Makwan. Creemos que matar a un ser humano es pecado ante Dios y que nadie tiene autoridad para ejecutar la vida de un ser creado a imagen y semejanza de Dios. La vida de un ser humano es superior a su gusto o prefeencia sexual. Hacemos un llamado a las autoridades de la República Islámica de Iran, para que dejen de ser asesinos. Detengan la setencia a muerte de los hijos de Dios y solicitamos oraciones a todos los grupos de cristianos del mundo, para que se desintegre, de una vez por todas, el oficio de matar en el mundo la vida humana y animal. Cada cristiano debe enviar cartas de protesta contra esta nueva masacre que pretenden ejecutar en Iran. Dios perdone a sus verdugos y que el mismo les conceda su castigo. Matar es pecado – Odiar es pecado – Discriminar es pecado – Amar y defender la vida es de Dios. Todos a la defensa de la vida y en busca de la justicia y el perdón, + Leonardo Marin-Saavedra. Archbishop. + Lic I. Canot. Obispo.

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