If only someone had thought of it sooner. But better late than never I guess… (This is from 2011 by the way but too good to pass up on)

A female Kuwaiti politician has called for the legalization of sex slavery, saying it would protect decent, devout and virile Kuwaiti men from adultery.

And all along we thought the veil, burka, sex segregation… was going to be enough.

Plus according to this humanitarian, the sex slaves would be women prisoners from war-torn countries who would be saved from starvation as a result.

It’s a real win-win situation for all.

Seriously though you can’t make this stuff up even if you tried.



  1. Why do women always get a shit deal? Because men run the world! Female laves from war-torn countries? AT would age would they begin to perform this important, sacred function?

    So the victims remain victims because this (all of them, in fact,) religion refuses to acknowledge that sex is a normal bodily function?

    I’m sure this female politician is just some man’s puppet. No woman in her right mind would ever suggest such an evil solution.

  2. If this get through.

    Let’s wage wars against other nations just to get sex slaves. (<–Sarcasm. In case someone didn't get it)

  3. What does Salwa al Mutairi think would have happened to her had her proposal been policy during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait?

    1. Exactly. It’s like the Twilight Zone episode (made into a rotten film, ‘The Box’) where you just push a button and a stranger dies. Or the end o ‘The Third Man’. As soon as you turn it round and ask, what if it was you or yours, you see it’s morally bankrupt. No wonder this woman got to be in government. With women like that, who needs scumbags?

  4. Haha ha..I want to laugh for fear I might cry..But this fact only reinforces that our worst enemies are actually women with verile unfaithful husbands…I don’t need a man to survive and am doing very well thank you, but a lot of women cannot survive without a man in their lives and I am not talking about poor about poor uneducated women..

  5. I live in the United States. And what with being inundated by the astoundingly stupid, daily output from Evangelicals; and being buffeted by these accounts of mind-numbingly evil pronouncements from sundry other monotheists, I am constantly struggling to keep my head above the turgid waters of discouragement.

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