Two men have been arrested in connection with YouTube videos in which members of a group calling themselves “Muslim Patrol” [or rather Islamist patrols] confront members of the public, harass women and shout homophobic abuse at a young man.

That’s all well and good but here’s my question.

This type of harassment and abuse (at best) is meted out day in and day out against “Muslims” who are “improperly dressed”, who are gay, who are ex-Muslim, who are dissenters, who question or criticise Sharia law….

But there are never any arrests of officials from far-Right Islamic organisations and Sharia judges and courts…

In fact outsourcing social control to religious organisations is encouraged by the British government .

This time, it all went horribly wrong only because they targeted non-Muslims.

As the spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain says in opposing the “Muslim Patrols”  – all their threats and intimidations – applies only to Muslims.

Then, as we have heard countless times, Islamist bigotry, discrimination and violence must be “respected” no matter how many are abused, threatened, intimidated, or who refuse and resist.

Talk about different standards and rights for different people…

You can see the video here.




  1. I hadn’t seen the videos of them harassing women. I saw the one where they were following the dude around accusing him of looking gay. I remember being confused. I couldn’t really tell because of the shitty lighting and resolution, but it looked like the guy was wearing a dark button down shirt, a light brown tweed vest and a brown fedora. Hipsterish maybe, with the hat and all, but gay? Was it that he was clean shaven? What was their logic? Then I remembered that religious conservatives don’t do logic, and it all made horribly depressing sense.

  2. What makes the MCB think the public – muslim and non-muslim alike – will take this shit?

    Precedent. People won’t react to a large group of men shouting abuse at them in case the group of men turn violent.

    What’s funny is how this cross-communal trope is inverted by rags like The Guardian. EDL morons can stomp about with impunity on council estates whose residents are members of Britain’s white underclass, but the moment they put a brick through a kebab house window The Guardian goon squad will be swarming all over the gaff.

    Meanwhile, on the other wing of the bipolar nightmare that is British civil discourse, The Telegraph will ignore any and all abuses committed by Islamists against Muslims, yet as soon as they’re stupid enough to videotape themselves abusing an alleged homosexual in the street – “INFLAMMATORY VIDEO! HOMOPHOBIA! CALIPHATE IS HERE!”

    Frankly I think the only answer is for someone to take the whole island away from us until we can learn to play with it nicely.

  3. Only to muslims! Only to muslims!

    What makes the MCB think the public – muslim and non-muslim alike – will take this shit?

    Oh yeah, government complacency (at best). Compliance (at worst).

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