Sudanese atheist and ex-Muslim, Nahla Mahmoud, speaks her mind against Sharia law on channel 4Thought TV and says that Sharia has no place in Britain or the world and that there must be one secular law for all.

The only other sane voice amongst the seven interviewed on “what Sharia can offer Britain” is that of gay Muslim Omar Kuddus. [The third opponent is a Christian evangelist but we’ll ignore his as I am only speaking of sane voices here.]

The other 4 are pro-Sharia and completely insane.

Abu Usamah says Islam will dominate the world and that we need to appreciate Sharia and go beyond stoning of adulterers and cutting off of hands…

Ali-Ridha Jaffer adds that whilst people might say Sharia is barbaric, it works (!)

Amra Bone, the only female member of the Sharia Council (who can’t even make a decision on her own without male Sharia judges), says it protects women.

And there is the fourth proponent who likes the fact that under Sharia the family can decide on retribution in murder cases or get blood money…

Err, long live 21st century values?

You can see all the interviews here.



  1. The problem is not so much with Muslims – the problem is

    1- a minority of Muslims (the Islamics) who intimidate and brainwash Muslims, and

    2- counter-enlightenment intellectually challenged cultural and illiberal leftists who romanticize Islam, and religiously believe that Islam is a race, and any criticism of Islam and paedophile Mohammad is racism.

    1. I didn’t see anything positive that John Clough said about Sharia. Like what things? Retribution by family for a murderer? OK, so I am this rich Islamic merchant and importer. I rape a girl. Then I pay $10,000 to the family and I am an honorable member of Islamic society? Doesn’t that say Islam is garbage? What if the family goes against the girl’s wishes?

  2. I am really miss understanding why nahla Mahmoud she jam from the really cace to the sharia low what I know about nahla Mahmoud she have been refuse her asylum case from home office Just she don’t want back to sudan only the resin to said that and stay in uk .

  3. Islamic Sharia law does not differ from other Abrahimic creeds. so the man who denounced Islamic Sharia law is mistaken. he himself is barbaric and immoral and ignorant man. Nala Mahmoud gave him and others whose hearts are full of hatred and evil to speak out against Islam

    1. Except that no Christian or Jew (except for a tiny minority of fanatics) believe in religious law of their creed.

      If my neighbor beats his children, then is it OK for me to do same?

  4. It was good to hear some sense being spoken by Nahla Mahmoud. Unlike some of the idiots who seem to think that Sharia Law would be a good thing, she has actually experienced how horrible it is to live under Sharia Law as a woman. There is no getting away from the fact that Sharia Law is a barbaric, sexist and homophobic system and totally incompatible with humane and civilized values. The recent rise in Islamism is an extremely worrying development and is particularly threatening for women and non-Muslims living in Islamic countries. I am shocked at how so many supposedly progressive people fail to see Sharia Law for the evil that it is. It is extremely important that people who care about civilized values speak out against Sharia Law and campaign to stop it being put into practice.

  5. I have accredited Omer Kuddus, activist and gay Muslim, who was clearly opposing sharia as well. afraid the Left Foot Forward cut that part out as well as many other background details and intro’s to my ideas, which i believe were quite important. I didn’t really consider Christian evangelist views as his opposition to sharia was based on religious grounds. he thinks the christian rules would be a better alternative. so doesn’t really count as in favor of a secular state, just changing terrible rules to less worse.

    Nahla Mahmoud

  6. I applaud the bravery of ex-Muslims speaking out against Sharia, but I worry that Islamist fanatics may try and attack them (just look at how “blasphemy” is punished in Pakistan)

  7. [The third opponent is a Christian evangelist but we’ll ignore his as I am only speaking of sane voices here.]


  8. @ OP

    Ali-Ridha Jaffer adds that whilst people might say Sharia is barbaric, it works.

    One can make the same argument w.r.t Mussolini’s Italy. Fascism was good at reducing crime. There is a reason for that. Just not a pleasant reason.

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