New Channel TV has started its regular broadcasting after a 2.5 months interruption. You can see it live here or tune in via satellite:

Hot Bird 8
13 degrees East
Transponder Number: 14
Frequency: 11470 MHz
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC: 5 /6

NCTV (New Channel TV) is the Voice of the revolution in Iran!

NCTV, New Channel TV, is the first 24/7 TV station that is run independently by the Worker-communist Party of Iran. It is accessible in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa. It is also accessible live via the internet.

NCTV broadcasts programmes in Farsi, Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish. Its English programmes currently comprise of TV International, Third Camp TV and Secular TV.

Despite the enormous costs of operation, NCTV is run almost entirely by the public, and through sponsorships. Furthermore, its staff consists entirely of volunteers, whether technical staff or producers.

NCTV is not only the voice of a better world and a TV channel through which people are educated to confront the Islamic regime of Iran, but it is a tool to organise. Workers for example, call directly from their workplace, asking for advice to run their strikes successfully. And that’s a routine practice.

NCTV however is always challenged by the financial pressure. Become a fan and/or support NCTV via sponsorship! Your tiny, little help counts and it shortens the life of anti-humane Islamic Republic of Iran.

For details check NCTV site or call at:
Phones: +001 505 333 4147 + 001 310 856 9897

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