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Yesterday there was a gathering of several hundred family members at Evin Prison in Tehran calling for the release of their children and asking about their whereabouts. The families began shouting slogans and protesting when denied information. Ghazi Heydarifar, an official of the regime, took out his weapon and threatened them to disperse.

Today, Monday, there was also another gathering at Evin prison and the court house. Families are worried sick for their children. Pictures of family members gathered in front of the court can be seen on the left.

According to an eye witness at yesterday’s gathering at Evin, one of the imprisoned who was released whilst people were gathered said that he had been arrested around Afsariyeh in Tehran and taken to an undisclosed location. He was denied food for 48 hours. There were 500 people detained on the floor where he was and they had no access to showers or sanitation. After 48 hours, they were given bread, potato and cheese. When they complained, they were told ‘you are anti-revolutionaries, be grateful you have not been killed.’ The released prisoner said everyone was beaten. A 48 year old man who was given an electric shock died whilst he was there. Many of the prisoners in his cell were badly wounded with broken arms and legs. He said he was then taken to Evin prison, where he was told: ‘you protested against the Islamic regime; we will do something to you so that you won’t be able to find your house when you are released.’ He said, in Evin the lives of many were at risk.

Yesterday, the Haft Tapeh workers carried out a strike for three hours.

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