Iranian women’s rights campaigners and members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran staged a topless protest against the veil and Sharia in Stockholm in the run-up to 8 March, International Women’s Day.

No to hejab, indeed!



  1. Men and women sure have rights to covered or not to covered themselves, But hijab culture is different from that freedom. There was a believe that a good women are a women that wear hijab , a holy men is one who told women to covered up , a hijab women are precious ,and unhijab are never better than hijab women. And this kind of thinking make a sexist society without they realize. Women must always covered up even when the situations are not necessary for them to covered up somehow it segregated women , women get intimidated if they want to choose not to wear hijab. From my personal perspective it’s unfair for men too , because men can’t see women bodies even if it only arms, legs ,hair ,or even face whereas hijab women can see men bodies .sometimes i get frustated to women that love and choose to wear burqa ,because they wear it all the time even at beach or swimming pool, i means it kinds of double standard for me if you(burqa or hijab) can feel free to see men’s chest , muscles and men using underwear at beach whereas you(hijab) count men as sexist if they just see your hair.
    So hijab culture teach women to love to covered up it’s different from freedom to choose what you want to wear, NO To HEJAB and i 100% support Maryam Namazie!!

  2. Sorry about that. I was having some problems with WordPress. I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, but are you aware that the UN is cancelling the Gaza marathon because Hamas won’t allow men and women to run together?

  3. Hejab is a symbol of sexism. it is an oppression of men too not only women, men are forbid to see women’s hair, arm or even face but when the situations reverse women free to see men’s bodies . If men want to see women bodies they’re immoral but if women want to see men’s bodies its okay no guilty feeling about it. that’s why hate hejab ,it teach men to be shameless and women to feel shame of their’s body . so BRAVO Maryam Namazie this is for equality!

  4. I don’t know. I never like women exposing their chests in public, for whatever cause. I respect them for being brave to touch the subject; but I don’t think exposed breasts ( however nice they might be, and these are indeed, very good) are necessary.

  5. Good for them! Wearing a hijab is a sign of obedience to the islamic demand that women should dress ‘modestly’ to avoid sexual assault by men. Any woman who colludes with this blame-the-victim ideology is encouraging men to believe it and is therefore putting other women at greater risk.

    It’s irrelevant to say that women should have the right to wear a hijab if they want to. Adults do have this right and this choice in Western countries. Even in the few places where the wearing of ostentatious religious symbols is restricted (and that applies to all religions), they’re not going to get acid thrown in their faces.

    Under sharia law women don’t have the choice. Choosing to wear a symbol of women’s oppression, in a free country, is supporting the oppressors.

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