The stoning of Mokarrameh Ebrahimi and her partner is scheduled to be carried out in public in the city of Takistan, Ghazvin, at 9:00 am on Thursday, June 21, for committing ‘adultery’ and having a child out of wedlock. The decision for execution of stoning in public, and moreover, inviting the public to participate in the stoning have been made by the Ghazvin Municipal Security Council or Showraye Tameen of Ghazvin. The news of the scheduled stoning has been published by anti-stoning campaigners in Iran on the campaign activists on the Women’s Field site.

Contact the Islamic regime of Iran’s officials by phone and/or fax to stop the public stoning of Mokarrameh Ebrahimin, the 43 year old mother of three children, and her partner, the father of her 11 year old child.

Act now!


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  2. Another joke is, that person claims himself as anti-imperialist and slanders against great anti-imperialist leader Little Ho (Ho Chi Minh). Actually Ho Chi Minh was much courageous anti-imperialist than Lenin, Stalin and Mao. So, Ho said referring American and French imperialists “You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.”Before reading Ho Chi Minh’s history, I used to think that defeating American imperialism is very difficult. I changed my opinion after reading about Ho Chi Minh’s struggle against American and French imperialists. I strongly believe that Ho Chi Minh was one of the greatest heroes of past century. Ho Chi Minh was also an atheist. These self-proclaimed progressive must stop slandering great leaders like Ho Chi Minh.

  3. I visited the website of cantilip. He is really ignorant about Stalin. He wrote that Stalin was Russian Orthodox. Actually Stalin was atheist. He used to close churches when he was in power. Stalin and his followers like Kaganovich even demolished structures installed by Russian Orthodox Church. During World War II, Stalin had temporarily restored Russian Orthodox Church for support against Hitler but Stalin was fundamentally atheist. Stalin was born in Eastern Orthodox Christian family but he turned as atheist by influence of Marxist dialectical materialism. Kaganovich was born in jewish family but he was atheist for most of his life. That person is making allegations against Stalin by total ignorance.

  4. >>Notes towards a C21st non-statist Marxism>>What can any body do without state? Even capitalists need state power for defending capitalism and fascists need state power for defending fascism. Stalin said that anarchism is anti-Marxist. You can find those texts in website http://marx2mao.net Marxism advocates proletarian state that is different from capitalist state. Proletarian state doesn’t mean authoritarianism or totalitarianism. Hitler and Chiang Kai-Shek etc led totalitarian states for benefiting capitalists. Capitalists have no right to use the world “totalitarian” against communists.

  5. Maryam, you’re wonderful.Steady on, Jonathon. It can be argued – I’ve argued it – there are elements in Marxism that must end in tears, and I’m quite red too: my uncle was a Communist journalist wounded in action in the International Brigades. Anonymous, we can learn from our mistakes. My twopence-worth is what might be called a new Marxism is the way forward for the British Left, but don’t let’s call it that because it’s hackneyed – ‘new Left’, ‘new Labour’; much of the British Left, I hope we can at least agree, is currently – insane, is the word that springs to mind, kow-towing to reactionary religion. I have just started PANTHER as a great leap forward, atheist, feminist, anti-racist, internationalist, anti-imperialist and free. It’s not a party. What I want to do is start a broad Left front insistent we live in the C21st not the C12th.You might be interested in:Marxists must hold the lineNotes towards a C21st non-statist MarxismWhy socialism is a lethal diseaseComradely greetings!

  6. Anonymous wrote: >>As an American I vaulue Freedom and love freedom.>>Lenin said “When there was master-slave system, masters used to think that keeping slaves is their right (freedom). Now capitalists are thinking that using cheap wage labor is their freedom”. There is explicit hypocrisy in capitalist freedom, especially American freedom.

  7. Oh, and labels like “useful idiot” say much more about you, “anonymous” than they do about Maryam or anyone else. Your use of such a term indicates to me that you have no respect for Maryam’s intelligence or experience. Shame on you.

  8. I plan to come back to this post soon to explain to “anonymous” the difference between Marxism and authoritarianism. Suffice it to say that the self-labelled “communist” groups that ran the USSR, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc. were not Marxist, not socialist and certainly not communist; they were unquestionably authoritarian and totalitarianistic. Marxism does not require authoritarianism – in fact, it simply can’t work in such an environment. The failure of “communist” states like the USSR and North Korea illustrate the point.I encourage everyone to read Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” to get an understanding of what socialism and communism are really about. There are many websites online that provide the full text, free of charge. A simple Google search will help you find one.

  9. It looks like the call to halt the stoning of this couple was successful. The MEMRI Blog (http://www.thememriblog.com) has announced that “Following public pressure by social activists, the Iranian authorities have withdrawn their intention to execute Makroumeh Ebrahimi and her boyfriend by stoning.” They cite “Rooz, Iran, June 21, 2007” as their source.

  10. I was very happy at first to hear a voice and people that are finally speaking out agaisnt extream Islam. Then I was disappointed to find out you are a communist. As an American I vaulue Freedom and love freedom. I know you are a very smart woman I ask you this in what you believe how do you honestley think commusism is any differant from Islam? Speacialy when it puts in prison and kills people who dont believe in there belief (communism)As long as your red no one will support or rally behind you because they will whisper but shes a communist which is just as bad as the people you are speaking out against. You are what they call a useful idiot even tho you are one hell of a smart woman. It saddens me that I can not support you I really wish I could.

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