Chairperson of The National Transitional Council of Libya, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, in a celebration of the “liberation of Libya”, held on October 23rd, said Libya would take Sharia law as its basic source of legislation. Laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified and restrictions on the number of wives Libyan men could take would be lifted.

As we declared before, the people of Libya did not revolt against the dictatorship of Gadhafi to enslave themselves to the misogynous dictatorship of Political Islam! The recent statements from the chairperson of the NTC reveals the reactionary nature of this institution more than ever, and emphasises that the people of Libya have to continue the revolution until they get rid of all reactionary forces and establish the direct rule organs of all citizens based on secularism, freedom, and equality. Furthermore, the Western governments must be held accountable and attacked by public opinion for supporting the NTC. It seems as if one must remind them that Political Islam, whether “benign” or anti-Western, is a reactionary, misogynous, and anti-freedom current.

Worker-communist Party of Iran call upon all freedom-loving people of the world to severely condemn the scandalous statements of the chairperson of the NTC, all attempts for establishing an Islamic rule in Libya, and concessionary position of the Western governments towards Political Islam; likewise to advocate the introduction of religion and state separation, unconditional equality between man and woman, individual and civil liberties, and direct rule of all citizens in Libya.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
October 24, 2011

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