The below is the full translation of an article published in a media outlet associated with the Islamic regime of Iran against Bread and Roses TV and its hosts Maryam Namazie, Fariborz Pooya and Bahram Soroush. Read it and laugh!

Promotion of the violation of fasting rules by drinking alcohol to challenge the system
Enghelab News
7 July 2014

Counter-revolutionaries who use any means to conspire in the media against the sacred system of the Islamic Republic, have this time broadcast a clip encouraging opponents of the system to break fasting rules in order to oppose the Islamic Republic’s system!

According to the media monitoring service of ‘Engelab News’: Fariborz Pooya, Bahram Soroush and Maryam Namazie, three mercenary counter-revolutionary elements, have in the past few days broadcast a clip entitled “happy fasting violations” in cyberspace encouraging opponents of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran to violate fasting rules!

In this clip, Maryam Namazie, an immoral and corrupt woman who is considered a counter-revolutionary tool earning a living by doing anything to jostle a position for herself amongst the counter-revolutionaries, along with Fariborz Pooya and Bahram Soroush, drinks alcohol to the health of those who undermine the fasting rules; and according to her comes to challenge the system. She also encourages opponents to strike at the system by violating fasting rules.

With this ridiculous and farcical action, Maryam Namazie is even more exposed than before because she has not been and is not accepted amongst some counter-revolutionary elements. Some of them have even officially said Namazie is a harlot and a corrupt woman who just wants to jostle a position and promote herself amongst the counter-revolutionaries.

In this clip, these counter-revolutionary elements led by Maryam Namazie officially declare their solidarity with those who violate fasting rules in Iran and give them support!

Maryam Namazie has had a secret long term affair with Farokh Negahdar and has been known to be his girl friend.

In the past, counter -revolutionaries have tried to encourage fasting violations but not in such an absurd and ridiculous manner as drinking wine in the holy month of Ramadan.



  1. I presume this daft letter was runner-up (since not a very good parody) in a Spectator competition for imitating a mad mullah. I fear tho’ that it may be genuine as it’s not April 1st. Campaign on for freedom, sanity and decency, Maryam and friends.

  2. “…mercenary counter-revolutionary elements…”

    Wonderful! It is so reminiscent of Radio Beijing at the time of the cultural revolution. Brings back happy memories of scanning the short waves. Cheers!

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