9100_530562193678318_2134233333_n On 30 May, FEMEN activist Amina Tyler went on trial on charges of ”desecration of a grave” and “carrying harmful weapons”. She had scrawled the slogan FEMEN on a mosque wall and had pepper spray for her own protection with her. The judge decided to keep her jailed and added the charge of “attack on public morals”. The charges can carry from six months to five year imprisonment.

Nearly 200 Islamists protested against her saying she had sullied the image of the city and insulted Islam.

In condemnation of her trial, three FEMEN activists protested topless at the Tunisian courthouse and were arrested for attacking public decency and immoral behaviour. The two French and one German citizens are now in jail and could face up to one year in jail.




Clearly, the only attack on human decency is their arrests whilst Islamists roam free to murder and intimidate at will.

The four must be freed now.

Join FEMEN in calling for their immediate release. You can also donate to help support the four women. More information here.



  1. Here in the USA is considered offensive to walk even with your bikini on. The mosk s street is not a nudity beach! What is wrong with these people? If clothes is too expensive for them maybe they should go live in the jungle with monkeys and protest there. Really, this is beyond disgusting and far from being a human. The jungle is a better place for them than a prison then they don’t have to use their brains as much, their nipples will be enough for them to show off.

  2. What if an Islamist had scrawled MUSLIM on the wall of a FEMEN headquarters building? Would you be demanding that he’d be “freed now?”

    #3: Since when have tits been “harmful weapons…”.

    I’m pretty sure that the “carrying harmful weapons” charge is from the pepper spray Tyler planned on assaulting anyone with who tried to prevent her act of vandalism.

  3. Shameful? Yes – but not for the women using THEIR bodies to protest but for the morally stunted, sexually immature, tantrum throwing toddlers who think suppression of the rights and freedom of expression of half the human race is acceptable… It isn’t!

    And neither is your bronze age superstitious inconsistent nonsense promulgated by your fatuous semi-literate “scholars” capable of masking your real fears that a free woman wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you.

    Since when have tits been “harmful weapons”? They feed babies FFS – Grow up and learn some self control!

  4. Why are their nipples pixelated out? What is so offensive about the female nipple that everyone gets so hot under the collar about it?

    1. It’s because Facebook doesn’t allow nudity. FEMEN’s website has been hacked by Islamists so I had to use the facebook photos. When FEMEN’s site is up, I will post original photos.

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