19 February Update: Saman Nasim’s brother says his brother has not been executed according to officials. We must keep the pressure on. Listen to interview with Hesam Yousefi of International Committee against Execution here.

Saman Nasim is an alleged juvenile offender who was arrested when he was 17 years old. The Kurdish political prisoner has been transferred to solitary today raising fears that he will be executed tomorrow. He has been charged with moharabeh or waging against god (or enmity against god) for opposing regime.

You can find out more information about him here.

More information in Persian about him here.

There is not much time so please tweet @ and @ to save Saman Nasim or contact Iranian embassy nearest you.

Please do it now.

Here’s a photo of his parents hoping that the world will intervene on his behalf:




  1. what a pity, i can’t bear seeing this old parent dying of fear

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  2. They murder freedom seekers, they murder women confronting domineering jongs,
    They are guilty of complicity with the sionist culture AND they will suffer the UNSUFFERABLE !!!

  3. I have tweeted this article, a separate comment about Saman Nasim, and both the president and grand ayatollah to respectfully ask them to show mercy.

    It seems so little when a young man may lose his life . I hope others will do similar, or RT and share what others do, This is too important to ignore.

    I cheekily take this opportunity to ask people to consider signing up to the international End Blasphemy Laws campaign at: http://end-blasphemy-laws.org/sign-up/

    1. You guys wasting your time,effort and killing some brain cells…these people who you intend to ask them for mercy,have none of it,it is not their portion..just think they are devoutly serving their god and thinking they are doing the right thing in a hope to go to a paradise or heaven,never to meet him or be with him ..but to have the breasted women as sexual machines of heaven,with lots of wine while lying on a sofa…they could have done that right now and saved their victims torture,cruelty and barbarism..tesco is round the corner for a case of wine..as for a sofa furniture village or DFS can provide them with one..and their dream of heaven is complete,fulfilled to the dot and their fellow man can have a rest and peace …how about that for a change…shshsh…don’t say a word let people enjoy the freedom to practise their religion even if it requires your head to be chopped of and Planet earth turns into a bath of blood shed..what’s wrong with that..it is under human rights protection…that protects people by seeing them beheaded and killed for their freedom of opinion and thoughts…such an awesome religion that every voice has to be silenced and every protest requires death…what a wonder…

  4. I still can’t understand why the people who believe that god(s) is / are all-knowing / all-powerful, can’t or wont leave the administration of punishment (if indeed any is required) to that god or those gods. Why usurp or pre-empt his, her or its functions? Indeed isn’t it arrogant (at best) if not blasphemous (in the terms of these people) to claim to know what divinities want, and further to arrogate to themselves their supposed powers? Any decently logical theology (if that’s not an oxymoron) would put the clerics themselves in the dock. I’ve tweeted the president about this young lad. Even at this late stage I hope sanity and mercy will prevail.

    1. Those same people who are oppressed under this regime and doctrine are fighting the West and asking,I beg your pardon,actually trying to impose their ideologies of sick twisted minds on the West sometimes by praising it as the religion of truth,the best way and other times by resorting to cowardly ways such as threats and intimidation…the same people who flee this regime to the West and to America,once settled, they amazingly become their defenders,it becomes their duty to embrace it,cherish it,implement it,praise it and even murder people and burn buildings to show it is the best way for mankind..dare you criticise it and expose it’s ugly face,and you become number one enemy of 1.5 billion,and labelled as hate monger and the list of names would not find an end…sanity is a bliss,and some of us as mankind,need to learn how to be human the least I can say..

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