Sharia law is the same everywhere. Iran, Britain, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia – that is if it’s Sharia.

And under Sharia law a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s so you always need two women for every man, not just in financial transactions – as its proponents deceptively say (as if that’s not bad enough) – but in any matter of importance. We are told it’s because women are too ’emotional’, menstrual, or so that if one errs the other can remind her. It’s about the nature of women. But for those ‘heretics, communists, and other atheists’ who ridicule this, finally here’s the scientific proof that women cannot talk and remember at the same time:

Oh well, that settles that then.



  1. But isn’t using science to support religion some kind of weird anomaly? Becuase religion is always right and science “does not have the answers ” πŸ˜€

  2. @17 Peter says:
    I don’t know which part of the brain controls the anus, but he apears to be using it for speech.

    I nearly fell of my chair when I read this.

    I am going to file this one away, what a wonderful insult.

      1. We’d better not feed the troll.

        I’m just very surprised to find a Persian supremacist who insults “white people.” This is a refreshing change, and I obviously misjudged PersianPower88.

        Most of the Persian supremacists I’ve encountered believe that Persians ARE white people, or “Aryans”, which makes them super special and stuff. They claim that the “white race” is awesome and they take generally kiss the arse of Europeans. They take great pains to classify Persians as Europeans and distinguish themselves from the “filthy, Middle Eastern Arabs” who aren’t Aryans. So bonus points to PersianPower88 for being original and not kissing the arse of White Massa.

        He’s still a raving racist, and now we know he’s a homophobe too. Delightful.

      2. As a person who is part American Indian, besides European, with sons who are 1/2 African American, as well as all the ancestry I have, I’m not sure how to take that bold face racist comment. Which side of my family jumps out and pounces on that statement? Esp since, without the other, we wouldn’t be here. We’d be totally different people. IMHO, you’re a sad puppy, PersianPower88.

          1. I certainly hope he does. I’m getting rather sick of these people. Not sure who I rather face- the KKK, White Christian Soldiers, or fascist such as this. Seems they are all up there with insanity.

  3. For that matter, it’s not even your religion, Maryam, despite the fact you grew up in it and know quite a bit about it. I may have grew up in Xianity and spent a few years in it as an adult, but it’s no longer my religion or even my way of life, despite being an American, with an ancestral mix of the British Isles, German, French, and American Indian. Unfortunately, it seems people have a hard time separating ethnicity/ancestry and religion. If one is of Italian ancestry, it is often assumed, sometimes mistakenly, they are Catholic. If one is English, they are not necessarily Church of England. This is despite the fact that religious authorities sometimes make said religion the law of the land- as seen in England and Rome’s pasts. Theocracy is not exclusive to the Middle East, at least not in history’s past. Even under Roman and British rule, people, in the past, have lost their heads for being atheists or heretics.

    Unfortunately, religion and ethnicity/ancestry seem to go hand in hand so often that people often make that mistake. As I’ve pointed out to many people, a person can be white and of British or American ethnicity/ancestry, even live in those countries, and be Muslim. Same goes for any other religion- one could be Middle Eastern, even live in the Middle East, and Xian. Same with Japan- not all Japanese are Shinto/Buddhist, some are Xians or even atheists.

    Religion is not necessarily exclusive to one’s country, ethnicity, or ancestry. Islam, like Xianity, could be and sometimes is, anyone’s religion, just as anyone can be Xian or atheist. Ancestry is beside the point. Religion is not necessarily exclusive to one’s ancestral heritage or country of origin and it is not “race” exclusive, except that religions are created by the human race, the only race.

    I do hope that made sense to everyone. I would really hate it if I lived in Britian, came from the U.S. or some other country, and people just assumed I am Xian, based on that. It is not necessarily true and I think many people get mistaken for such things, esp and including the U.S. People look at others and just assume this or that, based on where they came from and what they look like. It’s not necessarily true, but I rattled on long enough.

  4. Yay, a Persian supremacist! Are you going to tell us about how you’re a superior race because ‘Iran’ comes from the word ‘Aryan’, and you’re super special because you Persians have light hair and eyes just like Europeans, unlike those filthy Arabs who are Semites and have dark features!!!!!1 111

    Fuck off and die with your outdated racist Nazi bullshit, Persian Neanderthal!

    (Sorry Maryam, I have the utmost respect for you and most Irani/Persian peeps. But you have to admit your culture has produced a lot of vocally racist neo-Nazi wankers!)

  5. Saudi Arabia = Sharia is their culture
    Iran = Sharia is foreign Arab sandnigger shit forced on us

    Wake up, Maryam.

  6. The scary thing is whilst he is being deservedly mocked for everything he thinks and says, he wouldn’t be on the box if his “opinion” didn’t carry weight in some quarters.

    The only other explanation I could think of is that he’s being used as a useful idiot to show how batshit insane Islam is, but from the way it’s presented, with neurons in the background I think he’s being used as a scientific authority.

    As far as the audience is concerned he’s an imam, therefore everything he’s saying has the divine stamp of approval, and a representative of Allah wouldn’t lie so he must be telling the truth. A very neat way of stopping people from even questioning the ideas presented!

  7. uuuummmm … so they couldn’t even dig into a credible scientific journal to get the picture to at least give it a false argument from authority?

  8. Marvelous stuff, I’ll have to explain this to my wife, not forgetting to use the same condescension. I feel certain she will be most grateful for the information πŸ˜‰


  9. This makes my head hurt.

    Maybe if I were one of these imaginary women, my head would only hurt half as much, or not at all.

  10. He can’t even get his references right! Assuming the subtitles are correct, he claims to have taken the image from Time Magazine of 31 July 1995, but having a look at the table of contents (I don’t have a subscription, so that’s all I can see), there doesn’t seem to have been any such article in that issue.

  11. Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Heretics, communists and other atheists! This guy probably hasn’t heard of Poe’s law, but he is a good example of it. Particularly with that ridiculously dyed beard of his! Too bad he didn’t add “the jews and the crusaders” to his villains list.
    And didn’t you know, fundies can quote literature too. Particularly a thoroughly peer-reviewed publication like Time.
    Next thing you know he is going to name this as another one of islam’s scientific “miracles “.

  12. I think this actually shows evidence for Intel-igent Design: The human body has a basic design containing two thinking ‘cores’, in the male model one has been disabled at the factory, whereas both remain active in the female. This is cheaper than designing two completely separate models where the male only has one physical ‘core’.

    A further proof: man-boobs are obviously a ‘disabled’ form of the female version, why else would they exist?

    Conclusion: males are a low-budget version of females.

  13. Yes, if his scan was evidence for anything, the it would counter his argument:
    Clearly, either men would not be able to remember what they said, or they would be making shit up as they go along.
    Yet, when your conclusion is fixed from the begining, those steps in between don’t matter much

  14. I call BS on that video. That’s not scientific proof of what he is saying. I could make the argument that that shows that women use more of their brains to think and talk at the same time, where such men as he is, use the more primitive areas of his brain. Maybe he is the one who is the pig or even a drooling dog or a weird combination of the two. lol

  15. I get very frustrated when witnessing men so full of disdain for women.

    But, when they are reaching so very hard to find ways to show this supposed inferiority, it almost becomes amusing.

  16. Wouldn’t the “fact” that during oral testimony a man’s brain is not activating the memory centres render his testimony worthless?

  17. What about the scientific proof that horses can’t fly? It is intrinsic to their nature – they can not fly. How curious that he should now be such a fan of science and nature….

    Also, don’t those diagrams just show women can use two parts of their brain at the same time? Multi-tasking, we’ve known about it for ages!!

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