Mona Salah, an Egyptian parliament candidate for the Islamist Salafi Movement told Al-Sharq Alawsat (an Egyptian newspaper) ‘Women are deficient in mind and religion’* and are not permitted to have authority by taking on the position of Presidency.

She defended her candidacy for the People’s Council by saying that it is is a partial/limited authority and not full authority like the Presidency of the Republic…

Err, well yes. Clearly some women are deficient in intelligence….

Also shouldn’t they have used a ‘flower‘ to depict her; I fear her eyes are too ‘tempting’.


By the way, here is an interview with the brilliant Aliaa Magda Elmahdy.

* From Mohammad’s Hadith.

Via Hassan Radwan.



  1. This reminds me of the argument I have with my wife:

    I think the burqua should be banned because it creates second class citizens of women. She says these women want to wear the burqua and to be subservient to their husbands and we have no right to tell them they can’t. I reply that in 1865 there were slaves who wanted to remain slaves, so should they have been allowed to remain slaves or should slavery have been outlawed altogether.

    In other words why does religion get a free pass?

    1. Thats just stupid, I don’t say that as an insult merely to state a fact; there’s no reason to ban clothing and the burqa by a minority of Western Muslimas comparing slaves to Western Muslimas in abusive relationships who choose to wear the burqa is just too stupid for words.

  2. I have heard fundamentalist Christian women saying that they can’t run for politics or leadership roles (secular or religious) because God gave men and women “different gifts”. Men can participate in social life, and women can stay at home and produce babies.

    It’s sad when people believe in their own inferiority.

  3. On the plus side though, it’s women explicitly endorsing their own opression. That has to be a step forward. Sorta. If I squint real hard and stand on my head after downing 6 shots of Wild Turkey I can kinda see it.

    1. Just like the supermarkets own brand cereal! Tastes like cardboard and has no nutritional value, ideal for losing weight since you’d sooner starve than eat it

    1. A bit off topic here, but that bit about being in charge of the coffee, reminded me –

      Did anyone notice the video from the Republican debate the other night where Bachman was serving all the men their drinks?

      I was appalled that she wasn’t sitting with the guys and being served like all the other candidates.

      The depths to which the right wing has fallen these days is simply astounding.

  4. I don’t see why everyone’s so shocked by this, unlike Algeria or Morocco Egypt has no past of republicanism or proto-democratic practices, no traditions of ethnic or religious pluralism: Nasser modeled his movement after nazis ffs, the only outcomes with be non-religious tyranny or religious tyranny.

  5. The goal of a ‘democratic egypt’ is a lost cause much the pipe dream of a ‘free tibet’ the military is not going to give up power after years of taking orders from a danny devito lookalike, at most we will see the rigged ‘election’ of a junta puppet. But did you really think a country with over 80% support for stoning would form a utopia?

      1. Pew found that 82% of Egyptians support stoning as a punishment for adultery, 84% favor the death penalty for Muslims who leave the religion.

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