Under Sharia law, a man has unilateral right to divorce. He only needs to say ‘Talaq’ thrice and he’s scott free whereas women have very limited rights to divorce. With new technology it’s become even easier…



  1. Blue, your source seems to be a Christian site dedicated to end-times cheerleading. Forgive me if I find its claims dubious. Also, the story is right in line with common xenophobic memes that rarely play out in real life. (People tend to victimize their ingroup, not outgroups, especially not outgroups that have political dominance and foreigners raping white women are hardly likely to be beneficiaries of a police cover-up.)

  2. So divorce is like Beetlejuice? I hope there are exceptions generally understood for actors in a play about divorce and such or writing it for purposes of explaining the concept.

  3. what with phones being hackable and stealable, i’d guess this won’t count as legally valid for very long. (i’d ask you to please tell me it isn’t legally valid now, but i’m misanthropic enough already.)

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