The HijabiBengaliSisters have made a video called ‘I Hate the Hijab!’ where they respond to reasons given for not wearing the veil. Of course they go out of their way to say that their aim is not to put pressure on unveiled ‘sisters’ but they merely want to help Muslim (and non-Muslim) women dress more modestly. They only want the best for us – that we go to heaven, insh’allah.

No pressure, though, just a few verses from the Koran compelling women to veil and be modest and a reminder that whilst the hijab feels hot, hell is a lot hotter.

Of course, knife-wielding, acid-throwing, honour-killing Islamists have been photoshopped out and there are nothing but smiling hijabis everywhere you look.

Seriously, if this doesn’t get you to wear the hijab, nothing will.

And yet again, thanks but no thanks.

By the way, I hate the damn thing too. And I’m not joking.



  1. Hello, I’m Islam and I don’t celebrate the ASHURA DAY whatsoever as ppl in Iran do. FYI, majority in Iran are Syiah and not Sunni. Get to know b4 u say sth. I think you’d mistaken between the Syiah and Sunni. Allah don’t let us to harm ourself.

  2. I’ll PROVE you that Allah is EXIST. There’s no god others that Him. Here –> AND AND AND×500/3/Allah-28waktusenja2.jpg%253Fet%253DXqkFip9hTvMQqa2HBXyRxg%2526nmid%253D49499640&w=320&h=240&ei=PefoTpDKG8rwrQeHzNCACw&zoom=1 AND

  3. If Christian is the right religion, PROVE ME. Your God isn’t even exist. Pls OPEN your eyes b4 u say sth. You’ve got a brain, so pls think. I don’t understand why you’re considering Jesus as the son of the God lol this is so funny. ISLAM IS THE RIGHT RELIGION. You know nothing and you start to talk nonsense about Islam. Are you kidding me?

    1. Allah, the idea of God is a human concept, which only exists in the minds of humans and was created by humans, mostly to explain the unexplainable. Both Xianity and Islam are branches of Judaism. One claims the son and rightful heir of Abraham as being Isaac, the other the bastard son of a slave woman, who belonged to Abraham’s wife Sarah.

      As a humanist, I neither consider the myths real or Jesus as the son of God. Thus, I am neither Xian or Muslim. However, the Koran considers a woman 1/2 a human or rather man, and she is supposedly not as smart as a man. Yes, I’ve read your book and personally, I find it insulting and degrading to women, making them second class citizens, but that is my personal perspective.

      1. I don’t understand why there’s so many ppl sayin that Quran degrading to woman. We just hv to cover our aurat which is our whole body except the face and the hand’s palm. Wearing the burqa like what you see in the Arabic country is not compulsary, it’s actually depends on you. So yeah whataya problem about it? I know ppl with burqa look scary, but yeah I don’t wear that kind of what Muslim ppl in Arab wear. I just cover my whole body except the face and the hand’s palm.

        1. No, it’s not scary. It symbolizes low self-esteem. To hid behind something means one does not think they are worthy to be seen by others, which also shows no self-worth, as well as being dominated by patriarch in this case.

  4. You know, I cannot wait for the day when all people realize that religion, hell, and various dogmas are all human concepts and not that of a deity. IMHO, the hijab contributes to low self-esteem, fear, oppression, and even various forms of abuse, or at leasts enables abuse. It is such a shame so many Muslim/Islamic women are ashamed of their looks that they hide under a sack, but part of that is the dogmatic psychological abuse they endure from birth. Many seem to perpetuate it and afflict it on themselves in adulthood or allow men to inflict such dogma on them.

  5. I will tell you the problem that I have with hijab as an American male. It is a symbol to me that the wearer is “protected” by a father, a husband, an uncle or a brother and I hesitate to approach a woman in a hijab because I don’t know if she will be beaten or killed for talking in a casual, social even nonsexual conversation with me. I don’t want to chance her safety and wait for them to approach me. I don’t know what her social bounds are until she shows me that she will not be endangered by talking to me.

    It separates women from potential friendships. It closes them off from casual conversation; standing in line at the cashier, waiting for a bus, waiting for the laundry at the laundromat.

    I am not on the make, but I don’t want her “protector” to think that I am or that she is and I don’t know what the social norms are for her. It just sucks.

  6. Especially sad to see young girls, rolling their eyes and acting like, well, young girls, encouraging their peers to be good little second-class citizens.

  7. Isn’t this sort of soft sell self-contradictory? The point of the hijab is “modesty”, yet they glamorize it by showing fashionably dressed models?


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