iran_executionThe Islamic regime of Iran plans to re-execute a man who survived his execution under “moderate” Rouhani’s administration.

The International Committee Against Execution calls for worldwide public condemnation and pressure to stop the re-execution of 27 year old Alireza M, a father of two young girls. His daughters’ ask: “Is this world cruel to the extent that it justifies and accepts such an inhumane action? Is our world harsh enough to neglect the necessity of taking an action in order to stop the re-execution of a human being, of a father?”

On 15 October, major Iranian news agencies reported that Alireza M. who was sentenced to death by hanging for possession of a kilo of crystal meth in Bojnourd Prison, was found breathing on Thursday 10 October, coinciding with the International Day against the Death Penalty, and taken to hospital where he is recovering.

Alireza M was left at the gallows for 12 minutes after his execution. He was also examined by the medical team at the scene, who pronounced him dead. He was then sent to morgue. The next morning, a worker preparing the body for its return to his family noticed that Alireza was breathing under the plastic covering. He was immediately sent to Imam Ali hospital in Bojnourd and his health condition began to improve as soon as he received medical care; he has now recovered.

Mohammad Erfan, a judge with Iran’s administrative justice court said: “The sentence issued by the revolutionary court is the death penalty … in such circumstances it should be repeated once again.”

The International Committee Against Execution is appalled that Alireza M. faces a re-execution and calls on all to condemn this inhumane act.

International Committee Against Execution
15 October 2013
Mina Ahadi
0049 (0) 1775692413



  1. Anti-American? No.
    Anti Death Penalty? Absolutely.

    Now I’ve got to go see what I might have said at B&W to set you off.

  2. Trebuchet, having seen your ridiculous paternalism over at Butterflies & Wheels last night, your attempt to further deflect here just confirms your anti-Americanism.

    Tony Sidaway, executing someone for the crime of murder and executing them for non-violent crimes, especially mere political dissent, are not equivalent. In fact you denigrate the victims of political oppression to make such a statement.

  3. It is absolutely correct to remember that the death penalty is still in operation in countries where people are protesting the inhumanity of this particular instance of barbarism. Iran must stop the killing, but so must the United States.

  4. “Probably the same result you’d get if someone survived an execution in Texas.”

    When Texas or any state here executes a person for:
    – simply being in possession of drugs
    – simply for being a political dissenter
    – simply being a woman who had sex with the wrong man

    …THEN you can come criticize and bash the U.S. on similar terms.

    You are not clever or funny, in fact your attitude just helps the Iranian regime by directing passion and discussion elsewhere.

  5. That is what you get in a Theocracy, hence the need to secularize all Governments World Wide and stop this religious fascism!

  6. There is clearly no limit to the lunacy that can occur when absurdities are taught to children and backed up throughout an entire society. This when the new Iranian president is trying to chum up to the US to support the nuclear ambitions of what is clearly a dangerously backwards country.

  7. The Bahai religion began with a twice executed BAB. This dope dealer is probably too ignorant of faiths to save his ” 2ND ” life for Bahaulah. 2 firing squads NOT 2 ROPES 17 decades ago inspires Bahai believers yet today to non-violence… inter-racial marriage SOBRIETY Esperanto & a 17 sided sanctuary in Evanston IL … Brutal Iranian theocrats TOO are likely ignorant of history as government murder of any person innocent OR GUILTY of any crime does NOT prevent prohibited behaviours OR PROHIBITED BELIEFS certainly not non-belief in a monster alleged god named Allah … the community of secular nations SHOULD CONDEMN Iran for theocracy against women Atheists and dopers AS KILLING PRISONERS IS UN-ethical @AtheistVet 843-926-1750

  8. “Mohammad Erfan, a judge with Iran’s administrative justice court said: “The sentence issued by the revolutionary court is the death penalty … in such circumstances it should be repeated once again.”

    But wouldn’t that be doubling the punishment by making it two death sentences?

    After all they’ve already carried out – literally executed – the sentence once already.

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