Here’s Bread and Roses second TV programme in English on Sharia Law with Fariborz Pooya, Bahram Soroush and myself. We have already bought good microphones (on credit card) so the sound quality is a lot better than the one before on nude protest.
Pragna Patel of Southall Black Sisters is interviewed here on the issue of Sharia. We hope you enjoy it!

If you like our programme and want to see more, support our fundraising campaign for a much needed video mixer and computer…



  1. I later gave the video another try. The group discussion still IMO has the problems I outlined.

    But this time I kept watching and found the interview with Pragna Patel. This was very much worth it, and I’ll be directing others to watch the episode for that interview alone. Thank you!

    1. Have a look at our current programme on secularism. I think it’s a lot better. We hadn’t seen your comment yet but others had told us about some problems with the previous one – as you had. Keep giving us this sort of constructive criticism. It really helps! and thanks for watching.

  2. This episode was very difficult to watch; who is the intended audience? What is this episode supposed to be telling us?

    I got only about half-way through, and was longing for a moderator of the discussion. Maryam at least spoke clearly and tried to include the viewer, but without much focus. Neither of the men spoke clearly about anything at all – the first to speak began with “first we must ask, what is sharia?” but never answered that, instead beginning a stream of consciousness that I couldn’t follow. Both then spoke inward to the huddle, and there was no clear direction to help the viewer understand — what *is* the problem with sharia?

    Eventually I turned off the video, despairing of ever reaching a point of the discussion.

    I’m already of the opinion that sharia is a bad thing, but this episode is not one that I feel I could recommend to anyone. Please, focus future episodes better if you hope to communicate clearly to people who don’t yet know the material.

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