1. Of course it’s an attack on the Labour party!. Why do you object to my attacking those who promote and support Sharia Law in the UK???

  2. Why protest at or try to spoil the Olympics? ;an event that shows humanity at its best. FEMEN should be protesting outside of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the Headquarters of the Labour Party. It is they who are primarily responsible for the promotion, funding of and introduction of Sharia Law into this country.

    I agree with you that Sharia law has no place in this country.

    I would be most willing to take part if you were to name and shame and organize a protest against the freedom hating Labour MPs who supported this measure.

    1. Why are you posting about that here? You should be emailing Femen directly with your concerns, as it is they who have the most control over where they choose to protest.

    2. …the Olympics? ;an event that shows humanity at its best.

      I would have to disagree with you on that. Humanity, at its best, is not displayed at the Olympics. It would take the most simplistic view of the Olympis to imagine that they were a pure expression of human greatness.

      Then again, I suspect that assertion (and its dodgy punctuation) was only your introduction to an attack on the Labour Party and not an empirical statement or factual claim.

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