stop10_004This year the annual Altab Ali Day will be held today on Saturday 4 May 2013, 5pm to commemorate the murder of Altab Ali, a Bengali clothing worker, in 1978, by a gang of racist thugs. The event will take place on Saturday 4th May, at 5.15pm, At the “Shahid Minar” Altab Ali Park, Adler Street/Whitechapel High Street, London E1.

The annual commemoration of the Altab Ali Day is a very important event in the anti-racist and anti-fascist calendar. It vividly reminds us of the catalogue of racist murders and our struggle against racism and fascism in the UK. This year we are marking the 35th anniversary of the murder of Altab Ali, which gave rise to the resistance movement by the Bengali community in the East End of London and led to the ‘Battle of Brick Lane’ in 1978 defeating the thugs of the then National Front- the far right racist political party.

If you able to gather at Altab Ali Park, please do. You can find out more from Ansar Ahmed Ullah, Organising Secretary, Altab Ali Foundation,




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