By: Farshad Hoseini

Mr. Jamal Saberi was arrested by Japanese immigration authorities in 2010, 03, 04 and now in risks to be deported to Iran. He is a tireless activist against the IRI for the last 18 years and has been intensively active for the last two decades by being interviews and posting tens of and anti-IRI articles in the union workers and progressive media in Japan. The refusal of Jamal’s application for political asylum is not really limited to his personal case but rather, as reflected by Japanese media, as a political scandal devolving the fishy ties behind coulisses between Japanese authorities and the IRI.

While the IRI insists in his deportation to Iran, the Japanese government has shown green light by suspending Jamal’s refugee demand. Jamal’s case shows the hypocrisy, double character, and violation of human dignity in democracy systems. In this light, the Human Rights value seems rather marketing – trick in an attempt to better sell Japanese goods around the world. This implicitly shows that this is the market which determines the so-called Human rights engagement of such systems in case of accepting or refusing political refugees — or even detaining or, worst, deporting another asylum seeker. A secret and invisible economic hand seems being active beyond the rule of offer-demand while plotting how to handle with opponents of the totalitarian IRI.

The refusal of jamal’s political asylum, who is a well known Iranian political activist in Japan, seems a complaisance from Japan toward a corrupt and illegitimate regime which on the verge of collapse, a regime hated by an increasing majority of people in Iran. Regarding Jamal’s well known activities his deportation will highly risk a persecution by IRI authorities because of his both political opinion and activities. For millions of the oppressed people of Iran, this complaisance would mean a shameful shake- hand and even dirty security collaboration between Japan and the criminal IRI whose hands are bloodied with torturing, raping, and killing of our people.

We are concerned and thus will lead the popular indignation of our oppressed people against the Japanese collaborators. The Japanese government, like any other one in the world, must know that any violation to IRI opposition activists will face worldwide protests. We do not allow Japanese or any government bargain for their own life of Iranian opponents around the world. We remind Japanese government that if someone is illegal in Japan, this will be the IRI representatives, the ones who do not represent Iranian people, and the ones who must be detained and brought before an international court for their crimes against Iranian people. No Iranian asylum seeker, who opposes such a regime, should be arrested, mistreated, and deported to Iran. Jamals, who during his detainee has been helping other asylum seekers, and his likes, are harmless and human-loving activists. They defend democracy, social justice, human rights values, and a humanitarian system of government in Iran.

Jamal must be immediately released. The Japanese government is expected to apologies Iranian people for arrest and mistreating of jamal. Jamal’s demand of political refugee, also other asylum seekers, must be accepted.

Please sign this petition to support Jamal and other Iranians whose demands of political refugees have been irrelevantly refused.

10 March 2010

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