The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced plans to execute rather than stone Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. We can’t let this happen.

Please take the time to send an email, letter or fax to the authorities demanding that her execution be stopped immediately and that she be released. Here’s a list of things you can do to help her. Do it now!

(Via Patty Debonitas and Iran Solidarity)



  1. I am also Iranian and an atheist. I condemn bigotry and racism targeting people from any race and ethnicity.
    As rationalists we cannot tolerate hateful people to be our voice. We need to make it clear that those who racially stereotype do not represent us.
    Science tells us that we are all one human family with nearly identical genetic materials. We are all descendants of African hunter-gatherers, no matter what our skin color is and what language we speak. We have a responsibility to work for the betterment of the whole human race.
    Thank you for your work Maryam and hopefully we will stop this atrocity.

    1. Well said, Upright Ape. I cannot disagree with your words. We should all strive to better ourselves and society. I really don’t care what language one speak, it is what they say and how they say it that disturbs me. They could be Worf and speaking Klingon, but I would not see perceive it in the same way as I would other Klingons, due to how he speaks.

  2. Anywho this is pretty much a pointless cause; if they want to kill here they’ll do it, if Iran was a flawed republic like Turkey it would be realistic (activism helped free Berivan Sayaca) but its just as pointless as the free Tibet pipe dream especially since the regime could do it just to show that they are not cowed by international pressure.

  3. Als Kourosh’s anti-Arab racism is one of the things he has in common with the regime’s mullahs; the IRI is perhaps the most anti-Arab state in the mid east as anyone remotely familiar with the Ahwazi Arabs can tell you.

  4. I strongly object to the racist rant of Mr Kourash. It is unbecoming a serious discourse. Champion though I think we must all be of free speech, a mixture of Third Reich raving mixed in with obscenities does not serve open discourse. Kindly exclude this unwelcome contributor. Thank you.

    1. You fucking taazi have never met a single Iranian in your life.

      I know so many Iranians inside and out of Iran, all Iranians I meet are Atheistic or Zoroastrian. So many Iranians in Iran have their boots ready for when the Islamic Republic is done with so we can show you Arabs what we think of your 1400 years of oppression against us, just wait until this Pisslamic Republic is removed. In the heart of every Iranian is extreme hatred for you taazis, you rapists, you barbarians. You think you’ll get off easy you fucking taazis? Iranians will show the world who we really are. 2500 years of culture and civilization, we will destroy the Arab race and revive our culture and history.

      I could care less what your religion is. The only thing Arabs deserve is to go get American/Israeli/Iranian nukes dropped on them.

      Drink up because your time is coming, sandnigger.

      Persian Power

          1. Hate is not the answer. You hate them; they hate you; everybody kills everybody else and nothing is solved.

            As an atheist you have already overcome one of the chains tying humanity down. Now it’s time for you to step up to conquer an even bigger challenge; your own prejudice and hatred.

            Here at freethoughtblogs we want to save the life of Sakineh Ashtiani because it’s wrong for a State to execute its citizens; it’s also barbaric (stoning) and retributional; it’s being done for trivial or trumped-up reasons. None of this has anything to do with the ethnicity or religion of the person concerned.

            Compassion and education will go a lot further than hate. I reject your intolerance because it’s based on the person’s racial background and not on their actions.

    2. Seconded. It’s not even remotely logical. Kourash has a grudge against this group of people, therefore this woman who happens to be a member of that group should be executed for something totally unrelated? Just goes to show how bigotry destroys people’s capacity for rational thought.

  5. She is not Persian ethnically! She is Azari Turk!

    I’m Iranian and Atheist and don’t care about this lady. If she was Persian it would be another story. These Azaris are the most religious people in Iran and have dragged us down forever. They are just as much our enemies as the taazis. Do not forget that Ahmadinejad is an Azari (brown skinned Arab dog).

      1. You know absolutely nothing about Iran or Iranians. I don’t even know what your comment means. Just fuck off the affairs of Iranians you dog.

          1. Maryam, these are the people you respect. These fucking taazis and Westerners. They all hate us. Fuck them all. You think they know anything about Iranzamin? They are ignorant animals, they are the biggest enemies of Iran besides the taazis.

    1. Tribalism is for losers. Whatever your enemies may have done in the past, this woman is not responsible for that. Allowing her to be unjustly executed just because you have some blood feud going on with another ethnic group is sick. Just sick.

    1. The reason I couldn’t find it anywhere else is apparently because it happened in 2007. Still barbaric though.

  6. I must admit I fail utterly to see the distinction between the phrase “stone to death” and the word “execute”. They both mean that the authorities have deliberately and with malice aforethought caused the death of someone in their care.

    It’s bad enough if that someone is accused of directly murdering someone else. It’s worse when the accused is convicted on scandalously shaky “evidence”.

    We in Canada have incarcerated several accused of murder who later were shown to be completely blameless.

        1. I was going to point out that I was referring to the state, rather than Iranians as a whole. And that I should have been clearer because while that way of referring to a a country has some validity in places representative governments, in places without it is obviously misleading.

          But then I realised that you’re not pakeha like me, so I don’t have to. If you were pakeha it would be different, I could treat you with the respect and dignity that a fellow human being deserves. But you’re not. Sucks to be you.

          1. Cause most Iranians hate the Arabs/Mudslimes and Pisslam. We fucking hate that foreign Arab cult. Our culture and history is superior to that Arab shit. I fucking hate all Arabs. If I ever saw an Arab I would smash its fucking face. I can’t wait until Iranians overthrow the IRI so we can allow a nationalist regime to take power. Then we can finally be free of humiliation we have faced for 100 years from the Arabs and the Westerners as we gas all the Arabs and take back our indigenous homelands in Afghanistan and Tajikistan then later Kurdistan and eventually the entire Middle East.

  7. Consider this sent. Thanks for the e-mail addresses of the Iranian embassies.

    28 December 2011

    Free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashianti

    On hearing the news that the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced plans to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, I hereby send this letter to you to denounce this cowardly act.

    The decent people of the world will not remain quiet while this indecency continues.

    On behalf of decency, I – along with many other people – ask the Iranian Republic of Iran to free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani immediately.

    A concerned citizen
    South Wales, United Kingdom.

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