WhyWeBelieveInGods_Urdu_Translation_Page_001Andy Thomson, author of the groundbreaking book, Why We Believe in Gods, is making the Urdu translation of the book available free of charge: WhyWeBelieveInGods_Urdu_Translation .

Print copies of the book will also be available for purchase via the CEMB with proceeds going to the organisation.


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  1. Here U R; What R U Proving… Mem Saab,R U nOT mUSLIM ,I think If You R Not Muslim bUT i tHINK u r Atleast A Good Women, sO u R goOD Woman ,Why U aSK tHIS qUESTION , U Said “Khuda Kiyon” Khuda Is Liye K Woh Acha Dost Hai,Khuda Is Liye Ke Woh Buhaat Zaheeeeeeeeen Hai,Hum Uski Hikmat Ko Samajh Toh Nahin Saktay ,Iska Matlab Yeh Toh Nahin Ke Hum Uski Tauheen Kare.I dont Know How R Sudy And How Study U r.But I Am IN Matric Class. Aur Mujhe Ye Pata Hai K Khuda KAHAN rEHTA hai,Aur Kiya Karta Hai .Ye Sab Khuch Main Ap Ko Nahin Bataon Ga Kiyon k ,Hiqmat Wali Baat Har Koi Samj Nahi Sakta,Dimakh Ki Zaroorat Hoti HAI ,jO k Aap K PAAS Is Waqt Nahin………….! Think Positive,Be Always Positive Mame .May Y Allah Blessed With All Happiness.If I dO wRONG sO plllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz ,Forgive Me, I am really Soorrry Mame……………!

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