Police were brutal towards the FEMEN activists protesting Sharia law and Islamist states in the Olympics. I got a text today saying that four activists had been arrested at their action today. This report says five.

Shame on the British police. They have arrested the wrong people.

There are plenty of representatives of Islamic states that should be arrested instead of women defending rights and opposing violence against women. But then we already know which side the ruling elite is on.

After all Islamism has merely annihilated an entire generation… But it is topless activists that must be brutalised and arrested!?



  1. Wow what a sensationalist blog,very very biased I have to say,Maryam Namazie I think you have serious psychological issues and need to see a shrink to balance whatever demons of your past are making you hate Islam because in a proper Islamic society there would be no reason to hate such a peaceful religion to make you write the dribble you write…

    Its obvious that some muslims/muslim has done you wrong hence the hatred but we are not all like that,go read the Quraan with an open mind and decide for yourself what being muslim means,things like sharia law etc are really petty in the grander scheme of things.I dont care if sharia law is implemented in britain or not what I care about is what happens to me the day I die.

    I’m sorry if I sound harsh but your blog is quite harsh too so it has set the tone.

  2. The following is response to ISLAM KILLS GENERATIONS.
    Atheists became ruthless killers whenever they get/got power to rule the nations.
    Russia atheist /communist “the great Lenin” killed millions (Russia communist Civil War exceeded the eight million deaths of World War I……
    Joseph Stalin an atheist/communist surpassed Lenin in killing. Joseph Stalin helped transform the Soviet Union into a military and industrial superpower, but at a staggering cost in human lives and suffering. In the words of scholar Stephen Cohen, Stalin’s rule was a “holocaust by terror” that “victimized tens of millions of people for twenty-five years.”
    Moa tse Tung an atheist/communist was another mass murderer
    In Stalin’s and Mao’s cases, one has to decide how to consider the millions who died indirectly because of their political decisions. The Chinese cultural revolution caused the death of 30 million people (source: the current Chinese government), but many died of hunger. Stalin is responsible for the death of 17 million Russians, but only half a million were killed by his order. ….
    Cambodia’s Pol Pot AN ATHEIST/COMMUNIST killed almost 2hundred thousand people.
    The arrest of Pinochet in 2000 brings up the issue of which other leaders should be or should have been tried for atrocities committed during their rule.
    Recently drunkard Hitches (atheists darling) supported Iraq genocide which destroyed rich nation and massacred over 1.2 million innocents, 40% of them children.
    The above names are drop of the ocean.
    You atheists are seriously dangerous jokers.

      1. @Martin N Hughes,
        Thank you brother Martin N H. I was expecting similar reply from atheists.Your reply proved I was right.

        Those mass murderous Atheists/communists I mentioned were common people like you(an atheist) before they became monstrous mass murderers.

        They were just protesting peacefully as you atheist did (Mariam Namazie’s video of this post) on the streets on Russian cities, China, Cambodia, Vietnam etc..Before they got power to rule…History says how ruthless you atheists would become if power transferred to rule the nation.

        1. Interesting that you have chosen not to respond to my post listing some of the atrocities committed in the name of god…

          And they’re only a real drop in the ocean, but I suspect you know this. Pfft.

  3. I have just watched the video on the previous page a second time, and then read Nemazie’s outrageous comments on page. And whearas when I first watched the video it left me bemused, this time it has left me angry.

    I feel angry at the guy filming the video for the way he treated the police. “You don’t have to hold her neck,” he says. They weren’t holding her neck, they were holding her head, to make sure she didn’t hurt herself or try to bite the officers. Because she was behaving like such a lunatic that the officers would have feared that she might start biting. The guy is clearly French, and having lived in France I know that the French police response to such behaviour would have been far more overwhelming than that was.

    I feel angry at Nemazie for unfairly depicting my country’s police in such a bad light. Foreigners are welcome to come here and protest but do so peacefully please. Do not come here and cause a fracas by behaving like nutters.

    And most of all, I feel angry that by behaving like a bunch of unhinged lunatics and writing ridiculous hyperbolic articles, Nemazie and FEMEN are DAMAGING what is a worthy cause – fighting oppression. To call the British police response “brutal” just cheapens the true brutality that people living under oppressive regimes suffer every day.

    Nemazie, you should be ashamed, as should FEMEN. You have lost yourselves a lot of support today.

    1. Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. Have you by any chance seen the sort of regimes FEMEN’s up against? These are not going to be impressed by blogging or finger wagging. Yeah, they could have all held up signs and been ignored. They get noticed. They get the word out there. Whereas you do… what exactly?

  4. I abhor Sharia and am generally very supportive of Maryam Namazi’s campaign. However, this particular protest was completely counterproductive. Everyone with any sense knows that a woman baring her breasts and shrieking wildly and aggressively will be arrested, especially at an Olympic venue where security concerns are understandably incredibly high. And then to attempt to make capital out of an obviously false and desperate claim of police brutality: I watched the whole video and there was no police brutality at all. The police behaved professionally, talking calmly to the woman and restraining her and then cradling her head gently to prevent her bashing it on the ground. They covered her breasts, obviously to protect her from the many photographers attempting to take salacious pictures; that was to their credit. For Maryam Namazi to call the arrest ‘brutal’ and to claim that this makes them the moral counterparts of repressive Islamic police is truly pathetic.

    I am very disappointed in Maryam Namazi. I have been seriously considering whether to give financial support to her campaign, such is my strong objection to Sharia. As a measure of how counterproductive her reaction to this protest has been, I’m afraid to say that I will now look for alternative, more rational organisations to support (perhaps the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science).

    PS – Hand cuffs help protect the police, members of the public and, potentially, also the person who is cuffed, while also preventing an incident from escalating. They do not cause injury, only perhaps a little chaffing if the cuffed person resists, and are used when a member of the public is resisting arrest, i.e. they were used appropriately in this instance.

    1. I concur. Totally stupid move on behalf of FEMEN. Dangling dicks and breasts is not going to achieve their goals. I am in full support of their cause, just that I think theirs are not the right ways (at least this one). Somebody needs to infuse some sanity into them to bring a meaningful protests into executions.

      Please note that this criticism comes from someone who really cares that you folks are successful in what you stand for.

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