February 2013 is here.

The photo for this month’s Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar is that of Polish Feminist and Freethinker Nina Sankari.

Free thought in a free body…


She says:

I accepted Maryam Namazie’s invitation to join this initiative for the same reasons I joined her previous campaigns, like “Stop Stoning”, The Day to Defend Freedom of Expression or the Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers. So I am doing it in defence of freedom of expression, freedom of speech, of freedom in general for all – men and women. However, religions are particularly oppressive and discriminatory towards women. Misogynist and patriarchal, religions deprive women of their human rights, including the right of woman to freely dispose of her own body, or they grant women the status of a half-human being only. So, as a freethinker and a feminist I strongly condemn this attitude, and support the “scream” of Aliaa Magda Elmahdy.

The big religions, not only Islam, have been created by men and in their interest; not surprisingly they want to control women’s bodies. Islamic fundamentalists cover women with veils, stealing not only their bodies but their identities. But Christian fundamentalists – with their hatred for the sinful and impure woman’s body and their obsession to control woman’s reproductive rights and sexuality are not inoffensive either. Nudity is thus our form of protest against religious will to dominate women, religious moral order and its hypocrisy. In solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, I would like to stress that our bodies (and thoughts) belong to us and to nobody else. “They will not control us, they will not degrade us!” But also to reaffirm in a positive way that woman’s body is not just a porn product to sell. A dirty product, like for religious fundamentalists. Our body is supposed to be in harmony with our minds if we are to be happy. Our bodies are integral parts of us and there is no reason to make taboo of it. Homo sum; humani nil a me alienum puto.

By the way, here is her censored photo for Facebook since it doesn’t allow nudity…


You can download the calendar or purchase it here and join the scream on Facebook or Tweet #NudePhotoRevolutionary Calendar. By the way, the calendar finishes April 2013.

To see extensive media coverage on the Nude Calendar, click here.

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    1. Też uważam, że Miss February 2013 to bardzo piękna kobieta! Natomiast większość pozostałych miss z poszczególnych miesięcy widocznie postanowiły zaprezentować swoje wdzięki publicznie w kalendarzu, gdyż w inny sposób nikt nie zwróciłby na ich “powaby” jakiejkolwiek uwagi, a przeciwnym razie byłby to raczej odruch wymiotny.

    1. Thank you, alanflynn. That was my purpose. But it seems that some gentlemen have wrongly understood the idea of this Calendar: it is not about a beauty contest, it is about a beauty of freedom.

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