Queen Mary Islamic Society held a meeting today on ‘Traditional Islam’ with Abu Zabair as its speaker. It was advertised on ummahforum.com where the following call to disrupt [read threaten with violence] the 16 January meeting at which Anne Marie Waters was speaking on behalf of One Law for All on Sharia Law and Human Rights was also posted:

Brothers, the Queen Mary Athiest Society, sister of the shaytaani UCL Athiest Society (which published pictures of Rasoolullah(saw)) are holding an event today at Queen Mary University of London at 7:00 pm on ‘ Is Shariah in violation of human rights’.. We need your presence. Who gave these kuffar the right to speak? Let me ask you – if a bunch of kuffar got together and were given the right to touch your mother up and analyse her, then would you stand by and let it happen? Then what about your deen?!! Remember, these guys hate religion and are not looking to have an unbiased debate. Please be here by 7 pm. to let them know what we think. Back in my day no-one in UNi would dare even look the wrong way at a muslim, because we used to represent our deen and didnt take kindly to it being insulted. It is only when the pacifists ecame numerous that the kuffar dared to raise their heads. @ david sizer lecture theatre- francis bancroft building.

Anyway I digress.

Abu Zubair has said the following as transcribed by Spittoon.org here:

Anybody who mocks Allah or his messenger or anyone or any aspect of religion which is known from the deen [religion], by necessity is a kaffir and a murtad [apostate] and is subject to execution because the prophet said “execute the one who changes his religion”.

The call to evolution is a call to kufr [disbelief] and apostasy from Islam.

If a person denies the obligation of wearing the hijab, which is to cover the head for women of course, then this person is an apostate.  He is no longer a Muslim.

Anybody who attributes themselves to kufr philosophy, such as communism, secularism, capitalism, these people are apostates.  They claim to be Muslims but these people are major hypocrites because on the one hand they outwardly claim to be Muslims while they are inwardly kuffars, disbelievers.

And here’s a video of him saying all the above and more:

Now let’s see…  Jesus and Mo image or calls for execution. I wonder which is more offensive… I know, it’s really hard to choose.

Nonetheless guess whose meeting wasn’t cancelled? And there was no security guard saying: What do you expect

(Spitton information Via Adam Barnett; call to disrupt 16 January meeting via Ophelia Benson and Rhys Morgan)



  1. The fact that this meeting was advertised at ummahforum.com means nothing, anyone can put up such a message.

    In fact, judging by looking at the site it’s completely meaningless, there are no jihadis going there!

  2. Can’t make it to London that day, but very good wishes to you. Can we get streaming video of your march?

    We are in training in Mississippi where we have to fight the same attitudes from fundamentalist christians.

  3. I certainly hope the university takes appropriate action regarding anyone supporting this kind of language and behavior.

  4. Have the police been called, have the muslims who have espoused this crap been arrested. Wheres the follow up on this story. Is Ms Water’s going to press charges??? Come on lets have some action. Once you start allowing the bully to nick your dinner money he won’t leave it there!

      1. This sort of attact on free speech cannot be allowed to prevail. I have read you are planning a day of action in february, could you please confirm times ect. thankyou.

        1. it’s around 2-4. we are waiting for the police. we have asked for trafalgar square to march to downing street but are still waiting on them and from experience I know they spend most of their time trying to persuade you not to have your rally… anyway once we have a place, we’ll let everyone know. just hold the date.

  5. Is this the same Abuz Zubair who runs the Islamic Awakening site, and owns an account on the forum called “Expergefactionist”? Because over at the Butterflies and Wheels blog recently, this very interesting post he made was brought up:

    Point in case: Masjid al-Tawhid. It was never my intention to get Usama executed or physically harmed in any way. But the fact that I quoted Ibn Uthaymin’s verdict in full, including the execution bit, completely backfired on us, as they seized this opportunity for their own political scoring, and we lost a winning battle, at least in the media. This could have gone even further to foment support for Usama Hasan’s Imamship up and down the country, just because of the ‘execution’ bit, but Allah decided to distract the news media away by causing the Tsanami in Japan.

    http://forums.islamicawakening.com/f18/urgent-calling-all-muslims-east-london-today-55211/index3.html#post583906 (emphasis added)

    1. Ooops – Zubair’s relationship with Islamic Awakening has already been mentioned. Sorry, missed it while skipping some other posts.

      But his bizarre views on the Japanese tsunami needed to be brought up – the man must be on a par with Phelps.

  6. Secularists should encourage the spread of the METAMEME. It blocks the growth of violent, intimidating, dogmatic religions such as Islam, in the same way that the mild cowpox virus blocks the spread of lethal smallpox.

  7. This shithead reminds me of Camille Marino. “I’m not calling for their execution, just quoting someone else saying they deserve it, not that anyone should take it into their own hands! Wink wink, nudge nudge.”

    1. I actually did compare Camille Marino to islamic terrorists because she is treated in a way that is completely different to how she would be treated had her name been Mustafa or Abdullah.

      Put it this way, if a man called Mustafa running a website which screams “Death to the Blasphemers” was poking around a public school and demanding certain records, would the US justice system grant them to him?

      Camille recently won a court case to get floor plans and staff names of the animal research facility and has been harassing staff at University of Florida. She actively put names up on her website and death threats were (and still are) being issued including from Professor Steven Best which is hilarious since any similar threats from a person with a muslim name would have been taken a lot more seriously by the authorities.

      The problem is that on this guy’s forum? He is treated as a hero. There is a huge problem in Islam in that it cannot take criticism. Often valid criticism.

      If I stood up and said “Islam is Sexist”, then I will be treated the same as the goddamn English Defence League and British National Party who both dislike me. They are neo nazis and I am not white. Infact I am british asian. I get a lot of the flak that the muslims do take. It sucks, but they really aren’t doing any favours by behaving like cartoon villains.

      Imagine how much progress they could have made had they shown up and sat and listened? Instead their website is filled with people claiming that the christian society of the UK oppresses them becuase we don’t let them behave like jerks.

      It’s like reading the rantings of White Nationalists. It’s impossible to not be demonised when you refer to the majority of people as Kaffirs and Apostates and threaten to kill those who criticise you when honest criticism exists.

      Honestly? I am not even muslim, I wasn’t one when I believed in a god. I just look like one. I catch a lot of their flak. I felt sorry for them a lot. I did feel that it was a few bad eggs that ruined the party for them. However?

      It’s impossible to keep defending people when they keep doing stuff like this.

    1. Arabs are subhuman parasites, I doubt you’ve ever met one in your life and are under the impression that Arabs are “good people”, Arabs are the most two-faced disgusting ugly people on earth.

      Arabs make me puke.

      Someone drop a few nukes on Mecca and get it over with.

    2. I was thinking that some of what he said might qualify as incitement to violence or hate speech. I don’t know enough about the law, but I have a feeling that because he said, “The Prophet said… people should be executed” rather than directly saying “People who are against Islam should be killed”, it might not qualify.

      1. That is the trick the religious constantly play: “But it’s not me who wants them killed, honestly, I’d let them live. But it’s my invisible Supervisor, you see, he wants ’em dead, and I have to obey.”

  8. Welcome to my new FB status!

    Anybody who mocks Allah or his messenger or anyone or any aspect of religion which is known from the deen [religion], by necessity is a kaffir and a murtad [apostate] and is subject to execution because the prophet said “execute the one who changes his religion”.


    It goes well with my Jesus n Mo profile pic

  9. He has the right to call for the murder of people, but I can’t post a picture of a child rapist? Wow, equal for some!

  10. Wow. This is pretty sick. To think he’s actually indirectly calling for people’s execution. Obviously he has the right to express his views, but it just makes it grotesque that they would shut down the anti-Sharia talk for ‘being offensive.’

    1. I think so A Bear. According to Spittoon: He is ‘one of the people behind Islamic Awakening. It’s an internet gathering point for extremists. Its most popular forum topic is titled “Politics, Jihad and Current Affairs”’.

  11. I think this guy is of Pakistani descent.

    I’d like for him to watch this video:

    It saddens me that Pakistani culture is so beautiful, their country is so beautiful, and their history is so rich and deep yet people like him choose to adopt Arabic names, dress like Arabs, grow ugly beards, and behave like subhuman Arab rats.

    Abu, there was a time when you were at the pinnacle of civilization, why have you regressed to the cult of Arab sandniggers who invaded and murdered millions of your stock?

    Open your mind.

    1. Would you please moderate the comment by “PersianPower88?” Racist epithets only feed into their victim complex. The problem is that they are theocrats, not that they are “Arab s***n******”

      1. If you don’t understand why Turks, Persians, and Jews hate Arabs you know nothing about Arabs, Arab culture, or Middle Eastern politics and society. Arabs are subhuman parasitic rats.

        Drop the liberal “but but there are good Arabs” line, all Arabs are parasites. Turn Mecca into a glass parking lot at full mass.

        1. Race does not exist. You are a liability to our speices so please stop with the meaningless discrimination it serves no true purpose. It will only segrate the community which will fuel individuals like Abu Zubair.

      2. I won’t censor anyone here. Free expression is for arses, fascists and morons too. Just don’t read PersianPower88 posts – I know I don’t as I find him sickening. Ignore him. Stop giving him comments and hopefully he will fuck off to a neo-nazi website where he belongs. That is all I can do. Otherwise when you start blocking some comments, there is no stopping who stays and who goes and it is never-ending. Just pretend he isn’t here please.

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