Here’s a satire from Mohammad Reza Aly Payam who can be seen performing his “I won’t vote any more” in Iran. It’s too long to translate all of it or to do it well but I’ve paraphrased a few lines so you get the gist of it.


Even if they lift the ban on my films,
Print my books,
If they put a satellite dish on every rooftop
Organise Googoosh and Daryoush concerts in Kish
Stop giving religious edicts for what’s good or bad
If they say young men and women can come and go as they please
Have parties 8 days a week
If they give free breakfasts
And everyone 20 litres free petrol
I won’t vote any more, do as you please.

If they create different politicians
Destroy the prisons and build toilets in their stead
If they say there is no need for the hejab
Tell people where to stand
Stop searching car boots
and stop saying short sleeves are sinful
I won’t vote any more, do as you please.

If politics and religion are separated
Censorship ends
If they give loads of money to everyone
Forget the money, why are there so many mullahs in Iran
Even if they say the Mullahs place will be in Qom or Mashhad
I won’t vote any more, do as you please

If they say people can wear colourful clothes
stop wearing the hijab
Even if they say all the problems are because of the hejab
I won’t vote any more, do as you please…

(Via Reza Moradi)



  1. Comtessa,
    Hopefully the trend we are seeing now is just the severe right wing rallying before it dies.

  2. I feel for him and the liberties I take for granted here in the US..For how long?
    We are very well on our way towards the same mentality as in Iran..

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