Today is International day against Stoning.

Mina Ahadi, Spokesperson for the International Committee against Stoning, has written a piece in Persian about it here.

Real live human beings are still buried in a ditch and stoned until they are dead in the 21st century. In Iran, stoning someone to death isn’t illegal; it’s perfectly legal under Sharia. What’s illegal is the size of the stone – not to big to end it too quickly and not to small so as to take too long…

As Iran stoning case, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, said once in an open letter: “How can anyone throw stones at my face and hands?”

How indeed.

Rage against stoning and in defence of the men and women facing this medieval and barbaric punishment.



  1. Disturbing how few comments this attracts. The hard leftists who spend the bulk of their time trying to sniff out racism in any critique of Islam seem to not show much concern about the actual crimes of Islam.

  2. Rage against stoning and in defence of the men and women facing this medieval and barbaric punishment.

    In view of the Jewish bible’s prescribing stoning, the practice has a pre-CE origin and calling it “medieval” makes it sound too advanced.

  3. It would be very good if people like you would speak out against the left wing apologists in the UK – shame them into realising that this disgraceful idea is what they are defending. Much of Britain is still blinded by the notion that criticising a religion or a culture is racism – when it is nothing more than disagreeing with a notion in someone’s head. The left in Britain is particularly affected by a huge degree of western self loathing, in which any tiny fault within our own culture is amplified to ridiculous extents, but huge faults elsewhere are put down to “relative values”. So you get feminists in the UK enraged about women in men’s ,magazines, yet ignoring the genital mutilation of girls within vulnerable communities.

  4. It’s beyond belief — not that human beings commit evil acts but that this is allowed, and indeed enforced, by a recognised government. No government that allows stoning should be recognised.

  5. Human animals are inherently stupid and cruel..They follow books written by ignorant, misogynist Neanderthals and inpired by a man made entity..When you base your entire life on myths, you are in trouble!
    It is fascism in its purest form and should be abolished if we want to call ourselves civilized which we are lightyears away from being and by the time we might because the slightest we will no longer exist as a species having obliterated everythng alive on our passage.

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