The Islamic regime of Iran celebrates the “Islamic revolution” today. But Islamism has only brought untold misery and brutality to the people of Iran (and the world).

Islamism is not a cause for celebration; it only came to power on the back of a suppressed revolution and the slaughter of a generation.

Whilst history is written by the victors, a people’s revolution against the Shah’s dictatorship and for freedom and equality will have that black mark of “Islamic” on it. But not forever.

And despite the truth, there will be those who will do anything to defend and prolong the regime’s rule.

Watch the “celebrations” in Britain. House of Lords Peer Nazir Ahmed and MP Jeremy Corbyn are filmed grotesquely defending the regime.

Whilst the Press TV “reporter” rightly speaks of the impact of Iran’s Islamism across the world (by encouraging reaction and mediaevalism), she forgets that the Iranian revolution and the demand for freedom and equality has also had an impact. The revolution has also left its mark.

Business of course that is yet unfinished. But business that will bring Islamism to its knees in Iran.

As the late Marxist Mansoor Hekmat wrote commemorating the Iranian revolution:

“If history is the story of change, then real history is the history of the undefeated – the history of the movement and people who still want and are struggling for change, the history of those who are not willing to bury their ideals and hopes of a human society, the history of people and movements that are not at liberty of choosing their principles and aims and have no choice but to strive for improvements.”

This change is yet to come in Iran not via Rouhani or any other “reformist”, not via an Islamic regime, not via Islam, not via military attacks or economic sanctions but by a people’s revolution.

The storm is yet to come. And where will the likes of Jeremy Corbyn hide then?

(Via Fariborz Pooya)



  1. We people of Iran made the revolution and Islamic faction did the same role as Morsi did in Egypt a year ago by help of Western governments pushed forward to crush the revolution. In Iran they did succeed and crush our revolution after 2 and half years but they could not do the same with Egypt. Iran Revolution has defeated but not ended and shall revenge from its oppressor which name itself Islamic Revolution and Islamic Republic of Iran. Believe or not we have to bring up the truth of the matter which by that we can expose such a treason the world western Capitalist did that to mankind and hopefully their system would be corrected by human intelligence and mankind get rid off this system once for all! It can start all from Iran by overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Iran which is on the way for new hope for mankind today!

  2. On his web site, Jeremy Corbyn writes:

    The great changes in our society, from votes for women, anti discrimination laws, support for the disabled, to education and health care, all came from ordinary people making demands through their Members of Parliament.

    Perhaps he would like to explain why the demands of ordinary people matter in the UK but apparently not in Iran.

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