I’ve already told you about an article on me in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ‘press’ entitled ‘Meet this anti-religion woman’. (I translated it anti-Islam in my original piece on it because that is what they mean when they speak of religion but it is more accurate to translate it anti-religion.)

Anyway since its publication, I’ve been receiving more than my usual share of emails from nutjobs (though I get hundreds of times more emails in support so it’s not that bad really) but some – though they’re not meant to be – are quite hilarious.

There’s one below from a Vahid Habibi doing the regime’s bidding. I’m not going to translate all of his email, well because I just can’t be bothered translating pure nonsense but am translating one funny line just for you.

His piece of advice to me at the end of his email is:

‘Repent, get a good husband, follow the principles of Islam and return to Iran.’

توبه کن یک شوهر خوب گیر بیار واین اصول  اسلام رو رعایت کن وبرگرد به ایران

Err, no thanks.


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  1. So is that 4 separate things you have to do or is this some buy 1 get 3 free deal? “You get a good husband, follow the principles of Islam and return to Iran all for the low low price of repentance! This deal no available in any stores! Operators are standing by!”

      1. Maybe the next ad can try & pull for sympathy, the operators can be all bored & lonely desperate for someone to call

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