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On the left is is a picture of a nice young couple. This is Ali Mahin Torabi and his wife, in Turkey who are looking for a safe place to move to.

Ali had been sentenced to death. In 2001 when he was 15 years old he asked a fellow student at his school why he was late. As they started to fight, Ali’s fellow student got stabbed by a knife and Ali was convicted for it. He called me from prison and said with a childish voice: Dear Mina, tell the people of Germany that they have to prevent Ali from getting executed. People who are sentenced to death penalty have an expectation that everyone who knows about the case shall help them. Since this was broadcast in Iran and across the world a massive protest began and thanks to that Ali is still alive.

The below is a picture of Zaniar Moradi who is in one of Iran’s worst prisons, The Rajaie Shahr in Karaj.


He and Loghman Moradi were arrested in charge of murder of a religious leader’s son (Marivan). He confessed during the torture. He got a serious back injury from the torture and now he can’t walk. The authorities denied him hospitalization. The prison guardians told him that he will be executed anyway so it was no use for him to go to the doctors. In an interview with Italian reporters which was broadcast live from prison he said: Don’t let me get killed without my wishes getting fulfilled, I want to live. Everyone who saw this in Italy where very touched and cried. A reporter in Italy wrote: The history in Italy got divided into two parts, one before they heard Zaniar’s voice and one after.
Zaniar is one of many political prisoners who are sentenced to death in The Rajaie Shahr. Meanwhile there are approximately 1400 prisoners in the same prison who are convicted to death, possession of drugs and murder. According to recent news from the sixth of July, that we received, the authorities have warned all 1400 prisoners that they will be executed within six months.

The below is a picture of Ibrahim Arnavar who was 20 years old and got executed last Saturday the seventh of July 2013.


He was an athlete and at several times he said that he was innocent. Unfortunately we got aware of this case after the execution. He was one of the 102 persons who have been executed the last 20 days in Iran. Hereby I want everyone to realize that when you spread information, help and protest you can save several lives.

The International Committee Against Execution condemns the massive wave of executions after Rowhani’s presidential election and we are urging you to do whatever you can to prevent the killings.

There is not one single day that those on death row don’t call me from prison and ask for help so they don’t get killed. What can we do to help them? We are asking all human being’s to protest against death penalty and the authorities.

Mina Ahadi
The International Committee Against Execution

Mina Ahadi
0049 (0) 1775692413



  1. Ali’s fellow student got stabbed by a knife

    That is a very peculiar turn of phrase. Also, I don’t approve of the death penalty under any circumstances.

  2. The older I get, the more disgusted I get at the vile human animals! Where is the outrage? Where are the Human rights People?The so-called rightous religious hypocrites who cry justice but there is no justice..Animals do not treat each other that way..There is NO torture in the animal World..
    We are the most horrible animals on this Planet and certainly have not improved with our religious beliefs..Innocent, sentient beings are being tortured every day in our food production, illegal wars (wars do not exist in the Animal World), weapons are being developed for even more effective killing and you say that this horrible animal was created by a higher intelligence? Hello WTF? What drugs are you all on?

    1. Human have capacity to be the worst and the best for herself and her society and her world! I
      I totally agree with all your points with some note. We human can be use all our capacity to improve ourselves and our environment which this last one is part of our present and future existence!
      That is possible if we change our system as capitalist to real socialism not fake one by name is socialism but all of it is capitalism! They fooled us by it but we should be smarter than than to be fooled so easily! Lets found our new system which is based on humanity and it environment! Not blinded system based on profit which make any individual away from her humanity and does the worst to her kind and environment!

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