1. Nice to see Iran is as efficient as China in executing prisoners, especially for political reasons. Not sure you need much more proof of how far out there Iran’s leadership is from the international community when you have public hangings. The mullahs and Khamenei are still living in the Stone Age there. I don’t have much more hope or faith in Rouhani being able to change anything considering his loyal work history as Khamenei’s go-to guy on the security committee and a whole lot of rhetoric, but nothing in the way of definitive steps taken to show any moderation.

  2. Our ancestors went through that phase too (think of the Inquisitions) and we turned out alright.

  3. It’s horrific. Just horrific. “Judicial” murder is still murder (I was born and grew up in two countries which ended the practice of capital punishment around the time I was born, nearly 50 years ago). I’ve sent letters to Iran about this, pretty much all I’ve got in my toolkit, under prompting from my favourite charity, Amnesty International; I’ll do so again. But I’m also going to write to my MP, and the minister of foreign affairs, and urge them to take some action to tell Iran that we’re watching.

    Unfortunately, both Iran and China (another country which executes many people quickly and with only a semblance of a trial) seem pretty much immune to criticism from outside. Frankly, the US is immune to outside criticism in the same way, and is one of the few “Western democracies” that still performs executions.

    I hope they will listen to us.

  4. And yet this Iranian government will complain about the Shah or Iran? How is what they are doing any better?

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