Here’s an interview with Elham who was recently stopped by the security forces in Iran on her dress code. This time, however, she wasn’t stopped for improper veiling but because she wasn’t wearing a bra!

Wow, it seems the regime’s security forces can even see what women are wearing under the compulsory hejab…

Elham, however, was wearing a bra, showed them the strap and was able to walk off without being hauled away.

If you read her interview in Persian, you get a sense of women’s resistance and their refusal to submit. Elham was told repeatedly to enter the patrol car and she repeatedly refused showing her bra straps on the street instead.

The incident also shows how obsessed Sharia law is with women.

As the fantastic song by Algerian women’s rights activists against Sharia law in their family code said: ‘Of rules, a code of despair, a code obsessed with women…’

Here is the song:

The full lyrics are here:

Women, words are no longer enough

We must cross the river because justice is discredited when the scales are weighted.

Oh people of Algeria, the truth is hidden

Women let me tell you of 20 years of madness.

In the congress of deceit of the year 1984

They got together and voted a law of oppression.

They stole women’s rights and parted; their minds at rest

They did as they pleased and took us for fools

What came over you judge, why are you afraid of me?

I weather all the storms, my words contain no venom.

Our marriage is decided by men.

We are forbidden to work and doors are closed to us.

With the family code, our wings are clipped.

We aren’t asking for any favours; history speaks for us.

We are not asking for charity, we are entitled to justice.

What came over you judge, why are you afraid of me?

I weather all the storms, my words contain no venom.

Our voices rise today, for here a woman has no rights.

I’m telling you the story of what the powerful have done.

Of rules, a code of despair, a code obsessed with women.

Women come out of the dark; out of 20 years of trouble.

I brought up my children, they are now adults.

With one word, he repudiated me and sent me from the house.

Everything concerning my children is in the hand of the traitor.

My opinion is not taken into account, plus the pain and torment.

Judge, stop pursuing an unfounded fear.

Write that I want to experience my dignity now.

Family code committing the unspeakable.

Guardians pull the strings behind the weddings of the gazelle.

Oh my sister always under age

You’re called to order

Listen to this song, its tune will never change.

May the word spread, this law must be undone.

And never done again.

To those listening to this story, this situation can no longer be endured.

Today, as yesterday, it’s impossible.

Men, one hand cannot applaud; with you, the sun shines again and forever.

What came over you judge, why are you afraid of me?




  1. Islamists are obsessed with women and sex. Period. In somalia the al-shabaab nutjobs went around whipping women for wearing bras whereas the Iranian version appear to have not gotten the memo on that one. Bras didnt exist during ol Mo’s time did they? They are in fact of western origin and fairly recent at that.

  2. It is an accepted fact within the farming community that removal of the testicles from a bull has a beneficial calming effect.

    Something to keep in mind as we read the news about another overstressed, hyper-aggressive, reflexively violent male that has committed violence, started a war, damaged property, or egregiously failed to control his mouth, hands and genitals appropriately around women and children. A quick snip with the old emasculator and the gentleman can move on to a much more relaxed and productive life freed from the poisoning effects of excessive testosterone.

    Freed of this burden misogynist scolds and bullies would tend to pay far less attention to what women are, or are not, wearing.

    1. Or they could try controlling their behavior using that giant fleshy thing inside their skulls that outweighs their gonads 30-fold. Sheesh.

  3. Forcing women to show parts of their underwear in public in the name of modesty somehow adds a level of absurdity to the usual vileness.

    1. Arno, people like that aren’t sexually repressed, they’re sexually obsessed. This “modesty” is ultimately an extreme sexual perversion. Stopping women on the street to check that they’re wearing bras is much like breaking into their homes to sniff their underwear. They’re both bizarre, invasive, misogynistic perversions, only manifested in different forms. Both involve perceiving women as nothing but sexual objects.

      There’s a saying that a tyrant is a terrorist who’s gotten what he wanted. Similarly, someone who gets to police women’s underwear is a panty-sniffer who’s gotten what he wanted.

  4. Peter:

    It actually doesn’t necessarily work quite that way. I’ve heard that harem eunuchs got massively laid on a regular basis and got away with it because the women knew they couldn’t get pregnant.

  5. If the men are so afraid of sexual temptation, why don’t their wives just cut their balls off while they sleep? That should deal with it.

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